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The broken record that is the West.

Considering the amount of upheaval that we’ve all been exposed to over the last year or so, it might not be considered unreasonable to expect a change in other aspects of our lives. Sadly, when you cast your eye over the news, it seems that progress on that level is out of the question. Even as we start to return to what we once knew as normality, the same old broken record is being placed back onto the turntable.

That same old cracked ’45, the one that seems guaranteed a place in the West’s record collection, has been placed onto the deck once again. In the last few decades there was merely a brief interlude when we didn’t hear the message that was playing. Presumably that was when they were changing the stylus. Not that it matters: in a depressingly predictable manner, we’re now back in the same, old, boring groove. The one from where the needle hardly ever skips.

Forrás: AFP

In a press conference which only just managed to scrape into the category of ‘press conference’, Antony Blinken, the incumbent US Secretary of State, led with the same old, boring routine that we’d been spared whilst Trump was in charge. Trump is no longer in charge, the money men have rammed their fists up the backside of a seemingly benign, kindly old fool with dementia, and are now waggling their fingers in the way that the money behind the American Democrats  demands.

So, the old menu has been dusted off and placed in front of the world.

That historic menu features the standard starters, salads and main courses – it’s the same boring fare that we recognise from our distant and recent past: press freedom, pluralism, and the spectre of the East.

Christ on a bike, aren’t they bored of it yet? Everyone else is.

But no, the people that move Biden’s limbs and what remains of his brain have a pathological desire to maintain their finances, and so all chance of change has to be extinguished.

Once again, the inconsistency is phenomenal. Once again we are starting to see the Russians decried as sinister agents of something almost other-worldly.

Forrás: Facebook

This is a return to the political education of my youth when we were subtly led until we believed, fully believed that Russia was not, in fact, part of Europe. The geographical education of the West is always overshadowed by the political prism through which it is traditionally presented. This naturally undermines its credibility, but that matters little to the West. In lieu of credibility, they proffer arrogance and the belief that they are perpetually right, two elements which cover any cracks in their knowledge base.

Having told us for decades that the cold war was a terrible thing, having berated the Soviets for the construction of the Berlin wall (amongst other crimes), we’re now heading back to square one.

Blinken’s ‘press conference’ was attended by a ‘select group’ of journalists. Hand-picked journalists from countries where the US is worried about threats to press freedom. Turkey, Venezuela, China, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and, of course, Hungary.

Forrás: Facebook

Because, of course, the US, and the global Leftwaffe love nothing more than to point accusatory fingers at others whilst not in possession of the facts. It’s a staple of the Leftwaffe in Hungary that there is no press freedom and that they, the Left that would ruin the country as they always do when they get the chance, have only a snowball’s chance in Hell of being elected when they’re denied media coverage by a market saturated by government media.

Of course, anyone with a brain can see through this claptrap immediately. In Hungary we have some of the most aggressively anti-government media that anyone could dream of. Once again, the Hungarian Leftwaffe are exploiting the lack of knowledge that exists in the West, along with their favourite tactic: that of allowing assumptions to go unchallenged.

It is natural that everyone starts their journey from their own personal position. We are denied the possibility of doing anything else until we fully comprehend differences between where, for example, I am standing, and the difference between my perspective, and someone else’s. At a purely personal level, I understand this concept. I’ve experienced it. When I originally came to Hungary, my assumptions were based on my experiences gained up until then. That is as natural as wheat, but these assumptions led, for the most part, to hopelessly incorrect interpretations of a society which wasn’t known to me. I had to be disabused of my notions about Hungary before I could see the country and the people for what they truly were. Look at a foreign country through the eyes of a non-native, and your view will naturally be distorted.

This phenomenon, however, has been transformed into a political tactic by the Leftwaffe. They recognise the arrogance of the West and play to it, using the arrogance of the West to advance their own plots and schemes, duping the West into doing the heavy lifting. As a result, wildly differing systems of democratic government are subjected to the most outrageous accusations from their allies across the Atlantic. Hopelessly unaware of the essential differences between the structure of government, the American State Department is an ideal candidate for misinformation.

Forrás: Pixabay

The Leftwaffe, internationalists to the core, run to the West, screeching and wailing about the differences that exist between different countries, and the concerned Democrats start to fret. Nobody stops for a moment to consider that the individual history of a nation will undoubtably have influenced the development of said country’s political structure. All over the world, members of the global Leftwaffe start to urge each other to interfere in the political, societal, and economic systems of other countries, without ever considering that there’s never been any reason for the systems of two independent countries to resemble each other in anything other than the most cursory manner. This is the fulcrum for all that follows. The Americans are so convinced of their own greatness that to suggest that others might have found the solution using a different method to that the US subscribes to amounts to modern heresy. In full knowledge of this, the Leftwaffe present the concept of someone doing things in a different way to them, and then sit back and wait for the blood pressure of the Americans to rise. The Leftwaffe then stoke the fire of outrage that burns from someone doing something a different way, and we all know what happens next.

That’s when we hear the Americans coming to the fore and criticising Hungary for non-existent press freedom problems. That’s when we hear language which some of us recognise from the years of the cold war.

Forrás: Wikipédia

The West have been played, once again. Fawned upon by the Leftwaffe, they have allowed golden words of praise to be poured into their ears from the mouths of the Leftwaffe. And, as happened in the past, we know full well what to expect: we will be castigated by international media for our supposed shortcomings as regards the media. Nobody will bother to check the facts of what the Leftwaffe asserted, they never do.

The world will continue to spin on its axis. The West will continue to believe that they are eternally right, and another generation will be raised to believe that anything East of Austria cannot be considered truly European. We, on the other hand, will get on with life, plug our ears to dampen the sound of unforgivable criticism, and do our best to avoid being caught in the middle of the next cold war. The less things change, eh?