When is a Hippocratic oath not a Hippocratic oath? When it becomes a hypocritical oath.

Hungarian opposition GPs seem to have forgotten where their responsibilities lie.

We’ve all heard of doctors who really should have followed a different career path. The worst example is probably the UK’s Harold Shipman who qualified and worked as a general practitioner from 1970 until his arrest in 1998. Shipman killed at least 215 and potentially as many as 260 of his patients during his career. Shipman is an extreme case – he’s now registered as the UK’s worst serial killer – but there is a parallel developing in certain doctors’ circles in Hungary. These circles are the ones which feature what can best be described as ‘opposition doctors’. Now, I’m not suggesting that these Hungarian opposition doctors are serial killers along the lines of Shipman, but they do demonstrate a similar attitude of disrespect to an oath that they were required to take.

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The most relevant parts of the Hippocratic oath have got to be the following:

“I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.”

“Above all, I must not play at God.”

The situation with those doctors who are aligned with Hungarian opposition parties may not have developed as far as Shipman, but two doctors, one connected to DK, the inexplicably irrepressible Democratic Coalition, another to LMP (Politics can be different) have started to show rather worrying tendencies.

The doctor connected to DK is none other than Zoltán Komáromi, the man who is the party’s resident expert on medical affairs. He joined the party in mid-2019 and continues to work in Budapest as a GP. Given his medical knowledge and experience, he was a shoo-in for the post of resident expert on all things connected to health and medicine.

As a doctor, Komáromi should be furiously blushing with shame, but no. When the first batches of the Chinese Sinopharm arrived in the country, he stuck to the cretinous, ill-informed, non-medical line so beloved of the opposition:

But his line on the coronavirus pandemic has less to do with medicine and more to do with the line the Hungarian Left have decided to take regarding the pandemic.

Ever since the development of the global pandemic, one thing has stuck out like a sore thumb in Hungary: that the opposition have sought to do nothing but undermine the efforts of the government in more than one way. One of these ways has been to pour scorn on anything and everything the government does or seeks to do. For the Hungarian opposition, this is an effortless and natural task: they could gainsay until the cows come home. This habit of theirs is, in essence, the most succinct example of them deliberately misrepresenting the role of the opposition in modern politics.

The Hungarian opposition have further sought to outdo themselves by undermining the government’s efforts. Opponents of the Hungarian government have created doubt concerning the coronavirus and the methods employed to attempt to rein in the virus.

Since the start of the pandemic, Hungarian opposition politicians have seen an opportunity for personal advancement through the disingenuous use of the crisis. This has led to them continually undermining and encouraging people to second-guess the advice which is propagated by both international and national organisations.

Zoltán Komáromi, the DK’s expert on medical affairs has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This, after he, along with the rest of DK embarked on a campaign to derail the government’s vaccination programme.

DK blazed a trail for various opposition parties in clamouring against the Russian Sputnik and Chinese Sinopharm vaccines, claiming that they were unsafe. DK discouraged Hungarians from accepting these vaccines not out of any concern for the health of the citizens of Hungary, but because they hold the rather morbid belief that the more Hungarians that fall ill and die, the more critically the government will be judged, and the better the opposition’s chances will be at the next general election.

Whether their plan bears them electoral fruit remains to be seen, but they were certainly able to discourage a section of the population. In one settlement, 160 people were contacted by their GP and offered the Sinopharm vaccine. Offered a vaccine that would prevent serious illness and potential death from a virus which is killing millions, only 55 people of the 160 were prepared to have themselves inoculated.

Think about that. The power of propaganda – the Leftwaffe have convinced people that potential death is preferable to a vaccine that prevents death!

Opposition MPs attempted to cover their own arses, as they tend to, by referring to the all-knowing, blue, 27-starred mess that they bow before. Whilst encouraging people to just take their chances in the face of potential death, the opposition claimed that the government were using Hungarians as lab’ rats, and demanded that nothing other than a vaccine featuring a rubber stamp from the EMA (European Medicines Agency) would suffice. Typically, these callous individuals are fully aware, as we all are, that the EU has made a pig’s breakfast of the ordering of vaccines. This means that the opposition were very much aware of the fact that they were exacerbating the problem, rather than helping anyone. Who knows how many people have fallen ill, or died as a result of (admittedly foolishly) having listened to the lies of the Hungarian opposition.

But there’s worse still. A doctor who in 2018 sought to represent LMP, the embarrassingly-monikered political party of “Politics can be different” in parliament, has finally succeeded in gaining everyone’s attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

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This man, Csaba Kiss, is an anti-vaxxer, especially when it comes to non-EU-approved vaccines. He has refused to vaccinate his approximately 2,500 patients against the coronavirus. Following the line his Leftwaffe masters have selected, this doctor has stated that he won’t risk vaccinating his patients with a vaccine that has not been rubber-stamped by the EMA.

The consequence of this is clear: if this left-wing doctor is allowed to get away with what he is trying to do, then people will die. Kiss has not had himself vaccinated and is a potential deadly threat to his patients.

He is attempting to score points using the lives of those he has sworn to protect. He has no place in the medical community, and should expect to have his medical licence revoked. Whether that happens, remains to be seen; what we can happily report is that he has been hit with a HUF 1 million fine.

It goes without saying that action has been taken to ensure that his patients will be vaccinated.