"The Government of Death" The opposition's relentless desire to scrape together political capital at any cost.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


We are dragged back to the topic of tastelessly seeking to profit from death by Fletó Gyurcsány, an ex-PM of Hungary. Given the depths he’s prepared to go to, he’s got to be one of the world’s better speleologists.

All of this happened at a time when the majority of the media opted to fully ignore, to stubbornly refuse oxygen to an anniversary which marked twelve years since Gyurcsány finally stepped away from the wreck of his own bumbling government.

Forrás: MTI/Illyés Tibor

Yes, Gyurcsány finally stepped down on 21 March 2009, finally recognising that he embodied all that was wrong with the government of the day.

Since then he’s secured his position as the undisputed leader of the Hungarian Left. Their sole purpose seems to be to try to ensure that Hungary only ever falls, never soars.

The majority of the media in Hungary, virulently anti-nation, continue to serve the Leftwaffe, and  divide their time between lying to their international brethren about the dire circumstances that opposition media are forced to endure in Hungary, and repeatedly stabbing at the jugular of the government. As a result, it’s not really surprising that they didn’t want to draw attention to an anniversary of Gyurcsány’s ignominious resignation.

Of course, for all the crocodile tears and the like, for all the affected hurt feelings that Gyurcsány displayed, his team were in control from the start to the finish, and the narrative was written by those batting for Fletó.

Forrás: MTI/Marja János

On the day when he announced that he was stepping down, he chose himself as head of the party, a move which enabled him to control the process of selecting a new prime minister. So, for all his crocodile-tear-stained performances over the years, it would be a grave error to pay less attention than required to the machinations he and his controllers are capable of.

As regards the Hungarian Leftwaffe, it is he who calls the shots to this day.

Since the pandemic started across the globe and reached Hungary, Gyurcsány and co have regarded it as a means to an end, nothing more. And he’s stuck to his chosen path like glue. Nothing, it appears, is powerful enough to force him to switch track.

As a result, for the past year we have heard nothing but gainsaying from Gyurcsány and his mates. When the Hungarian government bought masks, gloves and ventilators, they were roundly condemned by the Leftwaffe for wasting money that could have been spent more wisely. Hungary potentially now has more ventilators per capita than any other European country, and presently has more than 1,500 people lying in hospital beds who require assisted ventilation.

You’ll never catch Gyurcsány rowing back on an attack, however.

Gainsaying, nothing more. Attempting to scrape together as much political capital as possible from the serious illness and death that accompanies the pandemic we are now all facing.

This is a time when all governments, fighting an unknown and misunderstood enemy, have asked that party politics be placed, at least temporarily, onto the back burner.

Forrás: Pixabay

But no. That is too much to ask of Gyurcsány and his ilk. Gyurcsány, acting in his chosen role as puppet master of the Leftwaffe in Hungary, has upped the ante repeatedly over the past year, accusing the government of doing nothing, of not having a plan regarding vaccination, of not vaccinating quickly enough, of not allowing people to choose which vaccine they would prefer to be inoculated with, of not paying doctors enough, of knowing that things would get worse and not doing anything about it...the list is endless.

Anything the government says is immediately gainsaid by Gyurcsány’s Leftwaffe. Anything.

Of course, all of these accusations levelled at the government have been utterly false, but that has never mattered to a man like Gyurcsány. He’s got ‘form’ where lying is concerned. As prime minister, he let slip that the socialist party he led had “lied morning, noon, and night” in order to fool the populace into thinking that his government had done anything.

Realising the error in being found out, he’s spent the last more than a decade discouraging anyone from remembering his true nature.

Nowadays, not a moment passes without him suggesting that the last 10 years have been nothing less than a complete and utter failure. A man who showed nothing less than cavalier disregard for the health of Hungarians in 2006

Forrás: MTI/Marjai János

when he loosed the curs and mongrels of the then police force upon innocent citizens, this month he rhetorically asked whether the government wasn’t ashamed of itself. Gyurcsány, following his now-ingrained habit of pretending that his period of governance not only doesn’t, but shouldn’t feature in any analysis of his modern outpourings, attacked the government for its pride regarding the statistic which show that Hungary is 2nd in Europe as regards progress in vaccination of the population. The adjectives Gyurcsány chose were “scandalous”, and “catastrophic”, as he claimed, erroneously, of course, that Hungary was topping the charts for number of deaths.

Now it’s difficult to ignore the unmistakable and frankly inappropriate note of glee in his post, but being wildly inappropriate is, where Gyurcsány is concerned, only to be expected.

In recent times he has referred to the government as the “Government of Death”, complaining that in place of order, there is chaos, in place of health, mass death has been ushered in. He chides the government; poking fun at them for failing to prepare in the 6 months that they had, and declaring that the government has succeeded in creating the situation that in Hungary today, 3 to 4 out of every 10 people that die, die as a result of the coronavirus.

The only question that truly needs to be asked is this: if we had done as Gyurcsány and his merry band of anti-Hungarians had suggested; if we had not ‘wasted’ money on protective equipment and ventilators; if we had sat back and waited for the bumbling Brussels bureaucrats to deliver that which they still cannot, would we have been in a comparable situation to the one we find ourselves in, 2nd in Europe as regards rate of vaccination, or would we be looking at a decimated society?

Gyurcsány and the Leftwaffe revel in their lack of responsibility. In place of assistance to the country, they snipe as others attempt to solve a problem which extends far beyond mere national politics.

Forrás: Wikimédia Commons

The epithet “Government of Death”, however, is something that right-minded people recognise would be warranted if it were Gyurcsány or any of his dull-minded allies in control.

Forrás: Pixabay

Thank God, these fools don’t have control of the wheel.