Soros's Liebling calls me - a descendent of Holocaust victims and survivors - a journalist of the far-right.

Éva S. Balogh, author of "Hungarian Spectrum", has branded me and Kontra as 'far-right'. She justifies her slander with something which, on the one hand, is not true - since we have not written anything that she claims, and on the other hand, even if some truth can be detected in her claims, in all seriousness, it is very far from proving any sort of right-wing extremism.

Éva S. Balogh received the sum of George Soros's ‘Bravery Award’  - - i.e., $10,000  -  from Soros himself because, as he put it, she “plays an important role in making what Orbán says at home accessible to the world”.

I am a descendant of Holocaust victims and survivors. When I was 13, I learned that on my mother’s side we are Hungarians of Jewish origin. After this revelation, I dealt with this issue extensively. The confusion over the change in my identity forced me to put the stories I had learned into some sort of order, incorporating them into my self-image. Thanks to this late-acquired knowledge, I was able, over time, to understand many things about my family that I had previously perceived but could not identify. In short: I am a person with typical third-generation Holocaust trauma. 

Of course, I can still be a person who identifies with the far-right, just as George Soros, a holocaust survivor, can support a party alliance that includes one of the most thuggish far-right parties in Europe: Jobbik. 


I have been called a number of names, including ‘traitor’, ‘gypsy-loving Jewish faggot’, and others. This name-calling occurred when these far-right figures - whom Soros now endorses – couldn’t even be bothered to create a self-image of themselves that belied their thuggery. They insulted me and many others who had angered them for whatever reason with this name-calling. Now, however, they are an essential element of the Gergely Karácsony-type election-mathematics, and as such, have been forgiven their former sins so that they can join the democratic opposition forces. But I have not forgotten who they are and where they come from.

Of course, I could still be a far-right guy, and Kontra might be a far-right news outlet, but I am not, and we are not. 

According to Éva S. Balogh, I am classifiable as a supporter of the far-right because I complain that today’s extremists, the neo-Nazis, who gather around the Turul Monument, are compared in this 444-film to the old neo-Nazis, the actual murderers of the Arrow Cross. I have not made any such claim. On the contrary: I have merely pointed out that the director of the “documentary“ neglected to mention that today’s Nazis are members of the opposition coalition, thus, the political alliance backed by Soros has absorbed the successors of the murderous Arrow Cross. 

The other argument of Éva S. Balogh is that I resent the manipulative message of the film, which suggests that the current government and the Arrow Cross murderers merge into one another. This is true, I do resent that. You do not have to believe what my source said about the conflict between the then local government led by György Mitnyan and the leadership of Fidesz concerning the Turul Monument, but the work of investigative journalism on this issue should be done. And when it is completed, the information gathered should not be concealed just because it does not fit with the pre-defined concept of the film.

In the case of the 444-film, either the work was not completed, or the information that was not compatible with the image of Fidesz collaborating with supporters of the Arrow Cross was withheld.

If Balogh thinks that this qualifies me as being on the far-right, she is mistaken about the meaning of the term.

(Editor’s note: Éva S Balogh has shown herself unable to comprehend irony. When in our mission statement we declared that our site is objective and financed by micro-donations, that was clearly a joke - but unfortunately the Left does not have a sense of humour. Which is nothing new, but nevertheless explains a lot.)