Üdvözlünk Budapesten!

A magyar főváros sajnos Karácsony 'Bambi' Geri játszótere lett. A mai vlogunkból kiderül, hogy miért nem érdemes egy ilyen birka vezetőt választani.

Another year, another anniversary.

A sad commemoration is made worse by those who instigated it.

The royal family is black. Wait? What?

In fact, everyone was once black. Wait? What? Everything's now about race, didn't you know that?

Bence Tordai, the itchy haemorrhoid of Hungarian politics

No matter what time of day it is, no matter what day of the week, Tordai is here to act the goat, as useful to anyone as a set of chafing piles

Orbán loves Nazi fighter pilots!

For the love of God, will someone please donate a brain to that journalist? After that, we can start a series of modern history lessons.

Soros's Liebling calls me - a descendent of Holocaust victims and survivors - a journalist of the far-right.

Éva S. Balogh, author of "Hungarian Spectrum", has branded me and Kontra as 'far-right'. She justifies her slander with something which, on the one hand, is not true - since we have not written anything that she claims, and on the other hand, even if some truth can be detected in her claims, in all seriousness, it is very far from proving any sort of right-wing extremism.