Resistance is futile. That said, there are still plenty of people out there determined to throw a spanner in the works.

How complaints were then forgotten by those who made them.

Teachers occasionally get a bad rap. People seem to forget that they are incredibly important people in the lives of children. These men and women are entrusted with the education, both academic and social, of those who will grow to become our society. These are the men and women who will, fingers crossed, teach people to read, write, and more.

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These poor buggers are the ones who are now routinely taken to task by irate parents, given that the die regarding the relationship that exists between teachers, pupils, and parents has, in recent decades, been recast.

Think back to the way things used to be... teachers were respected back in the day when I was at school. And parents were automatically supportive of teachers, not children. Parents of the day knew that the chances were that a small boy or girl was far more likely to lie than a mature, professional adult. Fine, there were certain parents who were unmistakably over-protective and as a result saw their children as being continually persecuted by various members of the school’s teaching staff, but the majority of parents were normal, not mentally deranged. That’s all changed now, and we see ever more evidence of parents automatically taking the side of the child against the teacher, something which strongly conveys the idea that these parents have not the slightest clue about their own offspring. So, I think it’s clear that I have faith in teachers and I think they have a hard time of it... most of the time.

Recently, with the arrival of repeated deliveries of vaccines from China and Russia, the tide has started to turn, and the efforts of those organising inoculations seem to be succeeding in restoring, albeit slowly, life to what we used to recognise. As the number of inoculations hit the 3.5 million mark, pubs and restaurants with outdoor terraces were permitted to open. The curfew, in light of the general mood that could be expected of people suddenly allowed to restart their lives, was pushed back to start at 11 pm. Life, it seemed, was re-emerging from the shadows, life was reasserting itself.

But, unfortunately, it seems that we can always count on those who want to ruin everyone’s fun and mood. When schools first made the transition to digital education, most people were extremely impressed at the speed at which the change was effected. Most people thought that the fact that schools had digital lessons up and running in under two weeks was cause for celebration.

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Some people, however, remained unconvinced. These people are the ‘shadow communists’, people who don’t actively follow politics, but listen to the Leftwaffe with glee. The Leftwaffe have, for months now, being trying their utmost to convince people that the very thing that can save their life is not to be trusted. Why would a politician know more about a vaccine designed to kill a virus than say, a virologist? Exactly, they wouldn’t. The whole thing requires a flight of fancy which defies logic. Pathetic, as it undoubtably is, sadly there are those who have allowed themselves to be swung by this chorus of lies and stupidity. To make matters worse, some of these idiots work in creches and kindergartens, some in elementary schools, and some are parents.

This minority, won over with suggestions of conspiracies that a small child could poke holes in, have nonetheless tried to ruin everyone’s lives. As the vast majority of us were registering to receive a vaccine that would prevent serious illness and potential death, the minority were refusing to register themselves. In order for life to return to normal, childcare and schools obviously have to be restarted so that children can once again go to school, an act which will automatically free up their parents to start working again, without the huge encumbrance of trying to work whilst trying to also educate children of different ages in coffee breaks in their work from home schedule.

But, although the logic of this cannot be denied, there were those who chose to perversely buck the system. One of the teachers’ unions, a friend only to the Leftwaffe, embarked on a campaign to encourage teachers to not have themselves vaccinated.

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Not only that, but in an online discussion with Bence Tordai, one of the few men who not only has the rare ability to start a fight in his own head, but regularly does so, a member of the Democratic Trade Union of Pedagogues stated that checking children’s temperatures at school entrances was stupid, that children were dying as a result of having to wear masks, and that their hands would be scarred by all the disinfectants that they are now required to regularly apply to their skin.

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Yes, these are some of the arguments presented by the opposition as reasons to keep children out of school, thereby gumming up the works for God knows how long. These arguments obviously hold water in the same way that a sieve does, but there are two other groups with whom we must also contend. Teenagers who couldn’t give a shit about anything, and stupid parents.

The teenagers are best ignored. They’re teenagers, and as such, aren’t ready to be told anything, let alone admit that they might not know everything better than anyone else. They’ll grow out of it, presumably.

The stupid parents are another kettle of fish. And what a confused kettle that kettle is. These are the people who are defined by the word ‘contrary’. They act in a contrary way whenever they can. These are the people who claim that there is no information provided for them to make a responsible decision. At the same time, these are the people who refuse to watch and listen to the daily reports from the Chief Medical Officer and her staff because they’ve taken a dislike to the reports. These people know about the provision of information, but reject it.

Where these people get their information from is…yes, you guessed, it: from Facebook. Facebook, that long-established, well-recognised internet site where only facts are allowed! We all know how far that is from the truth, but when the stupid parents are confronted with this information, they throw their arms up in the air despairingly, begging to be told where they might find accurate information!

Is it worth the effort? Is it worth having a long, drawn-out discussion to explain that which a lobotomised monkey could see: that Facebook is not a source of purely correct information, untainted by people who would mislead? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. It tends to be a situation so frightening in implication that people will either try to enlighten others, or run in the other direction.

But, let’s look on the bright side of things. Idiot teachers who want to create a career out of skiving are only a tiny minority of their profession. Idiot parents who refuse to send their children to school will realise, sooner or later, that they’re only hurting themselves and their children, nobody else, and they, too, will come round. The only group we can’t really expect to change are the Leftwaffe. They’ve come to see it as their task to be as contrary as, if not more contrary than the stupid parents. Don’t bother with this lot…they’re a lost cause. Look to the future ahead: the future’s bright, real life is returning. The stragglers’ll catch up when they see us having fun.