Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

...when we believe the outrageous statements of teenagers. It's too late now, the genie won't be returned to the bottle.


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And so, we learn that the heinous, base murder of Samuel Paty turns out to be an ‘unfortunate’ mistake. According to news reports, the girl who started the ball rolling has now confessed that her accusations were wholly false.

Now, let that sink in. A young man, a teacher in France was murdered, in a manner that Islamic madmen all over the world, frustrated by all manner of pointless things, have made their own. Yes, Mr Paty was beheaded in the street.
Now, putting to one side the fact that this event was only able to occur due to the stupidity of, in this case, French politicians, let’s concentrate on the more mundane aspect of the case – the fact that the relationship between the girl and her father (well, presumably the relationship between the entire family) reeks of the Middle Ages.

The girl’s father, quite obviously, is nothing less than a complete idiot. This is a man who is the Islamic fundamentalist version of the detestable millennial snowflakes that have developed in Western society over the past decade or so. The slightest perceived slight sets him off on a journey of outrage that ended, this time, with the horrendous murder of an innocent man.

Now, obviously snowflakes in any society are a basic irritant. There were people who back in the day told me that I should avoid ordering ‘a black coffee’ at the work canteen. Instead, it was recommended that I ask for ‘a coffee without milk’, to ensure that I didn’t even come close to potentially offending the sensibilities of anyone behind the counter at the canteen!!

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I was incredulous then, as I am now. How, in the name of all things holy, can we justify tying ourselves in linguistic knots on the off-chance that the person we’re talking to might have the intelligence of a mouse dropping and mistake the self-evident meaning of the adjective I’m using to represent not only something else, but a racial slur, to boot. Something else entirely, and something else, let’s not forget, which would make no sense in a dialogue concerning me buying a break-time coffee.

But that was the thin end of the wedge, and now we’ve reached a more substantial part of that same wedge. This Moroccan has moved to France, steadfastly refused to even try to moderate his fundamentalist views and has attacked the very nation that (in an act of unbelievable naïveté/stupidity) was prepared to let him settle in their midst.

He’s existed in a parallel society in France, presumably enjoying a far better standard of living for both himself and his family than back home, but essentially never showing any gratitude to the French for inviting him in. And then the penny dropped and everyone was alerted to the fact that they’d tolerated the presence of a violently dim-witted fundamentalist ready to take up arms against the very country that embraced him. At base level, what does that mean for French society? Yes, having instigated the murder of a Frenchman, this dangerous fool will now be locked up, meaning that the French taxpayer will not be let off the hook for a long while yet.

They invited him in and he took them for fools. He raised a daughter who lived in fear of him, who then lied to him to cover up the fact that she’d been bunking off school. The father, cerebrally lost in a maze of the Middle Ages, believed his daughter’s lies. Then, this idiot from Morocco conveniently pops forward in time from his cave located in the darkest of the dark ages, and hops onto that handy tool, the Internet. From there it’s just a few clicks and another lunatic who, once again, the French should have repelled with pitchforks, trawls for reasons to kill people who aren’t troglodytes from the dark ages like him. Being an imbecile, he found a reason lurking behind literally any and everything in the world, and so ‘heroically’ defended his faith by sadistically hacking off the head of an innocent man.

For fuck’s sake.


The situation as it now stands is that the girl’s story has fallen apart at the seams. She lied, and had now admitted that she lied. Too little, too late, we might conclude.

This girl, albeit inadvertently, in a vain attempt to prevent her father from discovering that she’d been suspended by her school because of the number of times she’d bunked off, set in motion something that shouldn’t have been allowed to occur.

To keep the truth from her father she told him that Mr Paty had shown naked pictures of the prophet Mohammed.

Yes, seriously, that’s what she told him.

That, and the fact that her father took her at her word, in itself shows how disconnected these people are from normality. These people deserve to live in the Middle Ages if they’re this stupid, but remember to take their Internet privileges away to prevent the slaughter of other innocents.

The father, using an A to Z from the Dark Ages as his guide in the modern world, believed the wild fibs that his daughter pulled from one of the less well-lit corners of her brain and, being the abnormal, ill-adjusted, paranoid, parallel-society-dwelling idiot that he is, immediately rushed to join an Internet community where he could denounce the infidel Frenchman. Surely the French have had enough of this particular pattern of behaviour by now?

Having denounced his daughter’s teacher online, this veritable caveman, acting with all the capacity of someone steeped in ignorance, successfully lit the fuse, a remarkably short fuse, of another dim-witted fool.

A mere 10 days after the foolish father of the foolish schoolgirl had started his campaign of hatred against a wholly innocent teacher, a mentally-deranged man who should have been condemned to a padded cell years ago, was inspired by the unremitting stupidity of a man who not only happens to believe in the same God as he does, but also shares the same medieval cave.

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The man who started the snowball was allowed to settle in France. He then repaid the country for this favour by ensuring the horrific death of a native Frenchman whose job it was to assist the benighted idiot’s daughter in filling her head with something other than the ignorance that was her father’s lot.

A man read the repeated lies and was duly outraged. That man travelled to the school and paid two students to identify Mr Paty. That man then decapitated Mr Paty in the street. That man was 18-year-old Abdullakh Anzorov, a Chechen refugee. He was shot and killed by the French police.

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The father, denied access to his sanctuary of ignorance, has reportedly told the police that he has been “idiotic, stupid”.

Nobody is going to disagree with that, but the French authorities might think about how to prevent a repeat of this disgraceful affair. The French authorities allowed someone in, someone who shunned French society. The French authorities then let a radicalised, crazed man in. He, too, shunned the nation which gave him haven. This double act from the dark ages collided, an event which led to the murder of an innocent Frenchman.

And to finish, the father’s thoughts:

“I never thought my messages would be seen by terrorists. I didn’t want to harm anyone with that message. It’s hard to imagine how we got here, that we’ve lost a history professor and everyone blames me.”

Far too little. Far, far too late.