Off with their heads! Journalists are (apparently) scum

In that case, where can we locate 'Fegyőr' and Vadai? Cynical headline-grabbing sensationalism in the guise of calling for order.

Typically, in a transparent attempt to grab headlines all over Hungary, András Fekete-Győr, grandson of a fanatical communist, a man who was finally pushed out of the controlling seat of his county because of his connection to thievery and corruption. The grandson, ‘Fegyőr” has listed the fight against corruption as one of his main political motivations.

Forrás: AFP

Once again, it appears that irony has yet to develop in the minds of the Leftwaffe.

But fighting corruption is only one of the advertised goals of the Leftwaffe. And, given that human nature is what it is, in the hands of the Leftwaffe, the fight against corruption is considered a veritable trump card. A card to be flourished time and time again, one which they pull out whenever there’s a lull in play.

Of late, however, the Leftwaffe, with ‘Fegyőr’ and Ágnes Vadai


leading the charge, have swung their sights around, and a new target has been selected. That target is hardly a surprise. Stunned by the shameful, barefaced lies that flow from the lips of the Left, journalists have begun to take them to task for the manufacture of mistruths.

This has, somewhat predictably, irritated the Leftwaffe who for years had grown accustomed to being able to lie with impunity. The older members of the Leftwaffe grew up and were trained in a system which swept questions away as a matter of course. The younger members are simply so enamoured with their own brilliance that they don’t have the time, let alone the inclination to concern themselves with such awkward and time-consuming notions as sincerity.

On the day of press freedom, 15 March, ‘Fegyőr’ laid out his new plans for those who disagreed with him. In essence, he threatened journalists and publicists.

‘Fegyőr’ decreed that in his eyes, any journalist, editor, TV host or publicist who saw the world in a way which differed from ‘Fegyőr’s’ was a propagandist, nothing more.

Yes, true to the ideals of both his communist grandfather, and the communist education of his master, Gyurcsány, ‘Fegyőr’ believes that the way to deal with journalists who query him and his party, is to ensure that they can be punished if they step out of line.

“I think – by the way, I’m more radical when it comes to this than others –, that propagandists, and I’m now talking about propagandists, those who are ensconced in TV2, those at Origo, who deliberately spread false information about others, who deliberately present false and unreal facts, should be banned from their professions for a time”.

András Fekete-Győr

(TV2 and Origo are considered to be pro-government.)

Earlier this year, Gyurcsány stated his intention, if re-elected, to render various members of the world of Hungarian art fugitives due to their support for the incumbent government. This is a developing pattern on the Left, a cue was given by Gyurcsány, a cue which is now being developed by others.

Now, what do you think happened? Well, in Hungary there was uproar, as might well be expected. Journalists, not only those who are right-wing, but all journalists who are able to think cognitively, condemned his comments.

But, as might well have been expected, albeit with a sigh of depression, there was nothing, not a peep to be heard from the international community. Those who spend all their time weeping over the demise of Hungarian media outlets seem to not consider open threats as anything to provoke comment.

These are the ones who see the hand of Orbán’s government behind every left-wing media collapse. These are they who hold government liable for private business decisions to close media ventures which aren’t just bleeding but bleeding out. This reeks of double standards.

Emboldened by the lack of even a slap on the wrist issued as punishment for ‘Fegyőr’s’ open threat to ban people from their chosen profession for, as he clarified later:

“...6 months, a year, five years, or for good,” others started to lace up their bovver boots to be ready to join András in giving the press the good kicking they’re due.

Ágnes Vadai is a woman who learnt from Gyurcsány in the socialist party, and one of the first, if not the first, to jump ship from the socialist party to join her master in the dark arts in his new party.

Forrás: RAS archívum

Gyurcsány holed the socialist party ship before he left, and they’ve been letting in water ever since, unable to plug the leak that their one-time leader created.

Vadai, bovver boots tightly laced up, followed on from ‘Fegyőr’, picking up where he left off. Referring to something that Balázs Bende, the foreign affairs chief of state TV station M1, Vadai lashed out.

“With all due respect, I’d like to note that lying, hate-inspiring propagandists like this got their just desserts in Rwanda. See the Nazi and North Korean brain-washing!”

Ágnes Vadai.

Presumably as a result of the excitement she felt about threatening conservative and right-wing commentators, Vadai didn’t fully explain the implications of the ‘Rwanda connection’, but we can all guess the message she intended to convey to conservative journalists...

Contacted later by a left-wing media outlet which sought to clarify whether she was threatening genocide against a particular group, as the Hutus had perpetrated against the Tutsis, Vadai didn’t fully explain, but neither did she pull her punches. She claimed that real hatred was being sown by conservative media in Hungary, a process accompanied by the dehumanising of the opposition. She found it particularly outrageous that taxpayers’ money, funding public service media, was being used to incite hatred of the Left. She objected to the Left being branded as anti-Hungarian, not part of the nation, and anti-Christian. She found it insulting that the opposition are now being held accountable for the 18,000 coronavirus fatalities.

It was at this point that she went some way to explaining her remarks about Rwanda.

“In Rwanda and Nazi Germany, this type of propaganda preceded the physical atrocities which led to genocide. Perhaps the comparison is a forceful one, but the propaganda of the last few years has poisoned Hungarian society, just as happened in German and Rwandan societies. And this cannot be allowed to pass without consequences.”

Of course, the trouble with Vadai’s crocodile-tear-stained, ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth’ is that it’s about as believable as anything from the mouth of a pathological liar.

Forrás: MTI/Soós Lajos

The problem for the Left is that they do, in fact, hate the idea of nation. They don’t identify with national ideas unless they involve the, for them, ‘just about acceptable’ area of sports. The Left have proved, particularly over the past year that they cannot be relied on in any way, however small, to put petty political point-scoring to one side, and attempt to act as a constructive, rather than destructive form of opposition. It is truly beyond their capabilities. It just doesn’t feature in their DNA.

And now, whilst weeping for the cameras as they relate their sob story, the Left have embarked on a programme of intimidation that reeks of the communists’ methods of ensuring obedience.

Fegyőr, Vadai and other members of the ’opposition’ are openly threatening journalists with violence, with removal from work, with custodial punishment.

The modern Leftwaffe might claim to be different, but these are the same tactics that the communists used. These are the tactics that would have Lenin and Stalin nodding with approval.

Forrás: MTI/Marjai János

Plus ça change, eh? Leopards and spots, communists and blood. Things’ll never change. Don’t trust ‘Fegyőr’ or Vadai as far as you could throw them.

“... this cannot be allowed to pass without consequences.”