Manfred Weber. The kamikaze personified.

The EPP leader's desire to burn everything down casts a shadow over everything.

Forrás: AFP

Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party. A man capable of starting a fight in an empty room.

Now, it appears that Weber is not alone in the room, and he’s egging fellow MEPs on to force Fidesz, the most successful party in the group, out into the cold. At the moment, Fidesz remains suspended from membership of the EPP, a result of a decision taken by Fidesz in March 2019 to temporarily remove themselves. This agreement which was finally accepted by the EPP is regarded as a success for Fidesz as they were able to prevent the pro-immigrant and left-wing elements of the EPP from expelling them from the party group. Since March the Hungarian government party has abstained from exercising its membership rights in the EPP on a voluntary basis.

Although the party has suspended itself, Fidesz MEPs are still active in the EPP group in the European Parliament. This failure to rid himself of a conservative group within the ever more left-leaning EPP has irritated Weber like nobody’s business.

From his latest move, we can see that Weber didn’t lie down and roll over when his plans to expel Fidesz came to nought. Since they drew his fangs by jumping before he had a chance to push, Weber, quite evidently has been working hard to find a way around his defeat and rid himself of the truculent conservatives from his left-wing wannabe paradise.

Weber has managed to unspike his guns, and at a meeting held behind closed doors, his plan to change the rules relating to suspensions was agreed upon. If the new rules are approved, we could expect a move to suspend the 11-strong Fidesz group to follow hot on the heels of the approval decision.

This is, of course, nothing new. This latest plan to punish the Hungarians for daring to remain close to the original goals of the EPP comes as a reaction to Tamás Deutsch’s comparison of Weber’s comments to those associated with the Gestapo and Communist Hungary’s secret police. Rather than see the obvious similarities, the knee-jerk reactions of various EPP members was to brand Deutch’s remarks as provocation. They then applied to Weber in order to change the rules, which he is now diligently bringing about, altering the rules of the EPP to deal specifically with the Fidesz delegation.

  • Previously, suspension and expulsion were only an option with an individual. Now, applying the concept of collective guilt, the whole group can be suspended or expelled. The change in the rules now means that the pygmy parties which have long wanted to be rid of Fidesz would now have the political clout to initiate such a manoeuvre. From the 182-strong political group, a total of 20 MEPs would be sufficient.
  • Neither in the case of suspension, nor in the case of expulsion would the delegation facing the possibility of suspension or expulsion be entitled to vote. With the suspension of a delegation, the right of those members to any plenary session in the name of the EPP would be automatically rescinded. Further, the group members are barred from both holding positions within the EPP, and from preparing reports for the EPP. This is problematic, to say the least – MEPs are elected by the public to represent their interests at a European level. With this proposed rule change, by denying these MEPs a voice, the EPP are riding roughshod over the rights of elected politicians.
  • The bar has now been set astonishingly low as regards the numbers required to initiate suspension and expulsion from the EPP. Now, all that is required, is a simple majority. This means that the party group is creating rules for its members that are more lax than the rules of the individual parties that make up the members of the party group.
  • According to the planned changes, an automatic mechanism would come into being between the EPP and the members of the European Parliament group. This, in turn, would enable the EP to exclude a party, something that was previously not possible.
  •  The EPP are seeking to have the suspension of an entire delegation limited to a maximum period of 6 months, extendable for a further maximum 6 months. Tellingly, if no decision is reached regarding readmittance or expulsion, the matter would automatically be put to a vote.

There may, however, be cause to hope that Weber’s machinations will, once more, come to nought. We have repeatedly witnessed the steady and corrupting influences of left-wing, pro-immigration parties which, let’s face it, should never have been allowed entry to what was, originally, a conservative party group. Having gained admission, they have done little but sow dissent with their strict adherence to Soros’s demands. Despite their best efforts to transform the one-time conservative EPP into a mere mouthpiece for Soros and his ilk, the EPP continues to remain divided.

And with this division, there is a real chance that the rules Weber has tailored not only to fit Fidesz, but further to fit them up, will fail. What we’re presently awaiting is yet another failure for Weber, the veritable Crown Prince of cock-ups.

The pygmy knights of the Benelux countries, along with their brutally left-wing mates from the North may well have overheard Weber as he echoed Henry II’s angry words:

Forrás: Wikipédia

“Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”

But, with good luck and good sense, the chipped, blunt blades of these pygmy warriors will come no closer to damaging the EPP’s most successful member, even if that’s what Kamikaze Weber desires most.

Let us not forget that previous attempts to force Fidesz out of the EPP have floundered as a result of reluctance on the part of the German CDU and the Bavarian CSU to take action against one so in touch with the creed of conservatives. In a TV interview recently, the leader of the CDU typically prevaricated when asked whether he would support the expulsion of Fidesz. The vast majority of his reply was as clear as mud, but one thing was stated with clarity:

“I believe we need the Hungarians and the Poles in the European Union.”

Weber’s intentions, however, are equally clear. Sadly, as far as all normal people are concerned, Weber’s always had a bit of a hard-on when it comes to Hungary and Fidesz, as his latest attempt to oust the Hungarians shows. Weber is attempting the unacceptable; he’s trying to backdate the new rules to enable him to force Fidesz out.

But, his bluff has already been called. In a letter to Weber, Prime Minister Orbán stated that if they put this proposal to the vote and it is passed, then Fidesz will leave the EPP.

Fidesz, let us not forget, are the most successful members of the EPP. Almost 2 million people voted for Fidesz which means pro rata, that they are strongest delegation within the EPP. As Orbán succinctly stated in his letter to Weber:

“If we’re not welcome, we don’t insist on remaining members of the EPP.”

Orbán highlighted that Weber had previously tried and failed to garner sufficient votes to have Fidesz expelled. Now, as everyone can see, he’s resorted to the tactic of bending rules in order to try to achieve his goal.

Although Weber’s father may not have been a glazier, he might as well have been, as his son’s plans are as transparent as well-polished glass.

Weber is no doubt upset at his own, stupid mistake of insulting the Hungarians when he stated that he wouldn’t want to become leader of the European Commission if he were required to rely on the votes of Hungarians. Having drained the cup to the dregs, we now find him lashing out like the belligerent toddler he is.

The V4 are now the engine of the EU, and that fact is slowly (if reluctantly) being recognised. So, we can only hope that common sense prevails, and that the EPP realise that dumping their brightest and best, all to satisfy Weber and a bunch of pygmies who should have been blackballed from day one, isn’t such a hot idea. Roll on Weber’s latest fiasco, I say.