Lowering the bar ever further. Gréczy lashes out at his own.

The rehabilitation of Zsolt Gréczy kicks off with a new low.


Zsolt Gréczy is a bit of an enigma. He was, after all, a successful journalist, a radio presenter, and a writer. He’s been the press chief for Omega, the most well-known of Hungarian rock bands, and the press chief for a theatre in Budapest. He’s written song lyrics for various Hungarian pop acts, and has authored or co-authored various books. Amongst the list of books that he’s written can be found a book detailing the reasons for the fall of Péter Medgyessy, one-time socialist prime minister of Hungary, who was out-manoeuvred by his cabinet chief, Klára Dobrev.

Yes, Dobrev, the granddaughter of one of Hungary’s bloodiest communist stains. Dobrev, the woman who continues to live in the villa which was ‘nationalised’ from the Jewish family to whom it belonged. Communism to benefit some of the people, at the expense of others, as usual.

Forrás: MTI/Krizsán Csaba

Gréczy was standing by, ready for the call when Fletó resigned and started his own political party, a task made so much simpler by the fact that before he left, Fletó ensured that the socialists had absorbed all of the damage that he personally was responsible for.

So Gréczy was there from the very beginning of Fletó’s new party, the incongruously-named ‘Democratic Coalition’.

It’s somehow oddly intriguing that a successful man like Gréczy would hitch his wagon to such a disgraced and woeful star. Presumably, Gréczy himself lives in a similar parallel dimension to Gyurcsány and Dobrev – a dimension where responsibility for the state-level theft of the Hungarian people’s money and the selling off of state assets are seen as mere blips on an otherwise stellar political career. No matter what the reasons for this most indefensible of associations with the man who rarely lets the poisoned chalice far from his reach, the fact remains that Gréczy signed up for DK (Democratic Coalition) as swiftly as was feasible.

Another difficult-to-comprehend moment led to Gréczy leaving the party under a cloud.


He was forced to resign after the fact that he had been sending pornographic photos of himself to women became public knowledge.


Forced to resign, Gréczy sensibly avoided the limelight for his own sake as much as that of his family and the party. But he’s beginning to show signs of desiring rehabilitation. The next national elections will be held in 2022, and the Leftwaffe’s campaign is already well under way. As a result, someone has decided that it’s time to bring Gréczy off the bench where he’s been serving his punishment.

Recently, he appeared on ATV, the TV channel most fawning in its approach to the Leftwaffe. This is the TV station upon which left-wing Hungarian politicians are almost exclusively prepared to appear. This is where they can unwind in a safe space, faced with questions which wouldn’t trouble a child.

When considering Gréczy’s return to the public eye, one might confidently expect to see, at least initially, a demure, contrite Gréczy. A man who, having not only played with, but abused both himself and his self-image in the public domain, touched a low point as a result of touching himself.

Surprisingly enough, that was not to be. The other guests were barely warmed up when Gréczy decided it was time to stick the boot into his fellow Hungarians. Of course, this is only my interpretation of those for whom Gréczy reserved his disdain. As Hungarians beyond the current borders of the motherland, Gréczy, along with the rest of the Hungarian Leftwaffe, considers these people racially and ethnically identical to Hungarians living within the country’s present borders, to have no connection to their motherland.

Yes, ostensibly as a response to a question about the number of vaccinations that Hungary has in store, true to the nastiest, basest theories of the Leftwaffe, Gréczy attacked those compatriots across whom the borders moved as a result of Western and Eastern power games.

Now it’s clear to see that Gréczy feels no shame for having sent pictures of himself masturbating to women who weren’t interested in the slightest, nothing else can explain why he feels that he has the right to come storming out of the gates as though he’d never left the political scene.

His language is a calculated reminder of the anti-vaccination stance that the Leftwaffe preach (whilst having themselves vaccinated, mind), a stance that has led to more than one fatality. Gréczy knows that there are plenty of vaccines presently in Hungary. The Prime Minister announced that we now have so many that there is no need for Hungary to participate in the next round of the EU’s procurement procedure. Tellingly, the Prime Minister didn’t even bother mentioning how many Chinese and Russian vaccines we have – exactly the vaccines that Gréczy et al. consider to be not ‘high-quality’. At the start of the pandemic, Western vaccines were in short supply which led the Hungarian government to do their utmost to procure Chinese and Russian vaccines. The Leftwaffe, previously slaves to anything from the East, then used this to try and drive a wedge between Hungarians and Hungarians, and also between Hungary and the EU. Those who received Soviet vaccines all through their lives to date now saw an opportunity to discredit a government striving to prevent illness and death.

Were that not enough, Gréczy continued and expanded on what he’d already hinted at:

‘... not every Hungarian has received theirs yet.’

This is the essence of what he truly thinks of his compatriots located in territories which were once part of Hungary.

These Hungarians, these people who continue to identify with the nation are, in Gréczy’s and the rest of the Leftwaffe’s opinion not Hungarians, but Romanians, Slovaks, and Ukrainians. Therefore it’s up to the governments in those countries to look out for their vaccinations.

Stunningly insensitive as only a Leftwaffe politician can be, the pain and suffering which has scarred Hungarians since the Treaty of Trianon, is dismissed with an at least sexually innocent wave of the hand, following the line that his masters have dictated since the dark days of communism urged internationalism in place of anything akin to love of nation.

This is the arrogant return of Gréczy, a man who badgered women mid-masturbation. This is the arrogant return of Gréczy, a man who despises his compatriots. This is the arrogant return of Gréczy, a man so hopelessly determined to avoid catching the eye of the truth, that he could never be anything than a member of the Leftwaffe. Be that as it may, Gréczy may well eventually regret all that for which he will be remembered. At the end of the day, he’s nothing more than a Left-wing wanker with odious views.