Just WHO do you think you are?

The Hungarian Leftwaffe pull their heads from the sand in order to shout abuse at science.

The Hungarian Leftwaffe are a curious collection of unsuccessful oddbods who have spent so long in the wilderness that they have truly forgotten what society entails. They, unlike the majority, exist in a parallel universe, seemingly unaware that contained in their personal parallel universe is precious little other than them and their equally confused supporters. The lengths to which the Leftwaffe have proven themselves willing to tie themselves in knots has come to the fore as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Having determined that their role in life was to fight against the government on a continual basis, with no consideration paid to logic or lack thereof, the Leftwaffe chose to go down the rabbit hole and, having started, manically continue digging downwards.

Forrás: Unsplash

Time after time, they rejected the chance to dig themselves out of the hole they’d landed themselves in. Shooting from the hip and automatically gainsaying every last piece of information released by the government, the Leftwaffe seem intent on creating a Gordian knot-style problem from which they can barely be expected to extricate themselves.

And there’s no sign of them either slowing down or stopping. For the past few months, taking their lead from Gyurcsány’s DK loonies, the Leftwaffe have spent countless manhours expounding reasons for Hungarians to not have themselves vaccinated against the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Although they’re not quite stupid enough to state their logic in public, it’s clear what that logic consists of: the Leftwaffe are true believers in the concept of sacrifice for the greater good. The only twist, however, is that the Leftwaffe’s concept is taken from the instruction manuals that the communists wrote. As a result, there’s an important slant which would not necessarily feature. The communist idea of sacrifice for the common good meant, in essence, that the people were required to make sacrifices of all sorts, including the greatest sacrifice possible, in order to ensure that their leaders were provided with a clear path. And that’s what we have here, too.

The Leftwaffe’s idea is that if they succeed in sowing dissent regarding vaccinations, if they effectively convince the population that the government is lying to them regarding the efficacy of the life-saving vaccines being brought into the country, then they will, in essence, succeed in jamming up the works.

The fewer people who accept the government’s assurances about the vaccine, the fewer people will present themselves for inoculation. The fewer people inoculated, the more people will become infected and ill. The more people become ill, the heavier the burden will become on the shoulders of the health service.

That, in turn, will lead to a potential lack of beds as seen in other countries at the start of the pandemic and, if the Leftwaffe are able to fully mobilise stupidity on a scale seldom seen, then there is a chance that we’ll run out of hospital personnel, doctors and nurses, at which point the health service will implode causing untold chaos. According to the logic of the Leftwaffe, if the healthcare system collapses, people will lose faith in the government’s abilities and so, in 2022, at the next national elections, the Leftwaffe will stand a far better chance at the ballot boxes.

Chaos. Mayhem. Bedlam. These are what the Leftwaffe desire more than anything else. They won’t admit it publicly, not even they are that stupid, but it’s clear that, according to the communist manual, this is what they truly yearn for.

But there’s a catch. There always is. With this plan, the catch is quite startlingly obvious: there’s a world of difference between the Soviet Union back in the day when the communist handbook was written and modern-day Hungary.

When the communists were printing their handbooks, there was a seemingly endless supply of people who could be sacrificed to serve the leaders of the movement, willingly or not. That’s not the case in modern-day Hungary. If the Leftwaffe succeed in killing off their own supporters, there are no back-ups available. Kill your supporters and there won’t be anyone left to vote you into power. That’s a stumbling block of gargantuan proportions.

Odd as it may seem, the Leftwaffe don’t appear to have noticed this rather salient point, and continue to encourage everyone to risk death rather than trust the chief medical officer and scores of virologists.

If we are to select one positive point about the Leftwaffe, it would have to be that the dedication some of them continue to display is impressive, if albeit hopelessly misplaced. But they’re fighting a losing battle, given that it’s them, with their hopelessly illogical belief system based on the “EU is God” line, which has supplanted their one-time admiration for the Soviet Union.

Now that Putin is a nationalist, the Leftwaffe would like us to forget how they used to fawn over everything from the East. These are they who buy everything from China, everything that is, except life-saving vaccines. That’s where these fools draw the line.

Now, of course, another hammer blow has been landed on their blinkered heads. Having confidently sought to convince the Hungarian population that the government is wrong, wrong, wrong, the foundations upon which the Leftwaffe built their argument have now been revealed to be quicksand.

Hungary broke ranks with the EU and ordered vaccines from the Russians and the Chinese when it became obvious to all that Von der Leyen couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery much less a vaccination drive to cover the population of a continent. Hungary bought vaccines that others initially turned their noses up at. And Hungary as a result is, if not sitting pretty, then at least sitting prettier than those to the West of us.

Forrás: AFP

But the Leftwaffe, dedicated slaves to the EU have been snapping at the ankles of the government since day one, proclaiming that the Hungarian government is using its population as guinea pigs, claiming that until the EMA (European Medicines Agency) declares these vaccines safe, we shouldn’t trust them. Whilst we’re waiting of course, we’ll probably die, but maybe that’s what they want.

The Leftwaffe have been forced to desperately bury their heads in the sand in order to not have to face the fact that even our betters (those located to the West) have realised the sagacity of the Hungarian government and are scrambling to lay their hands on those vaccines which we have in spades.

But they’re not prepared to give up that easily. As each objection is brought crashing to the ground, the Leftwaffe retreat to their ever-fewer lines of defence against common sense.

Recently, the WHO announced that the Sinopharm vaccine is now considered safe and effective for use against the coronavirus. This is the same vaccine that the Leftwaffe have been telling horror stories about, attempting to scare people away from a life-saving vaccine into the waiting arms of death. And now the WHO announce what everyone knew: it’s safe and effective.

Forrás: AFP

Sadly, if predictably, the Leftwaffe want no part of this. Determined to fight until every last crumb of logic has been fed to the birds, the battle to prove themselves more irrelevant than anyone else globally continues.

Forrás: Facebook/Komáromi Zoltán

Led by Gyurcsány’s DK, the Leftwaffe encourage belief in Dr. Zoltán Komáromi, a GP (not a virologist) who heads their health committee. The ‘go-to’ man when health is an issue, intelligence shines from him with all the glittering illumination of a shallow, muddy puddle.

Komáromi, of course, has learnt the communist manual by heart and continues to argue that everything the incumbent Hungarian government does in relation to the coronavirus pandemic is wrong. He’s a man who would gainsay himself with scarcely a moment’s reflection.

And this is the man, leading the charge against the vaccines that the world has come to realise are the only ways to prevent the death of people and economies.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who somewhat infamously stated that perhaps the disease brought on by the coronavirus isn’t as bad as the Chinese vaccination.

Thank you, doctor, but no thanks. If it’s all the same to you, we’ll leave the politics out of life-saving, and trust those who know what they’re talking about.