Inoculated? Now what? Well, surprise surprise, nothing's changed.

The Leftwaffe change history rather than change tack.

And so, the roll-out of the vaccine continues. Deliveries of vaccines appear to be increasing, more and more people are now being vaccinated, and we’re all starting to hope that we’re nearing the end of the tunnel.

Well, I say that, but it’s not 100% true. One, specific group of peculiarly, defiantly contrary people are still not on board with the rest of us, nor are they willing to even consider getting on board. I’m talking, of course, about what passes for opposition in Hungarian politics, the rag-tag scattering of cold fries that can be found at the bottom of a paper burger bag. The cold fries you might pick at, but only out of boredom, not out of any real interest.

Recently, the so-called leaders of the majority of the opposition came to a bit of a crux in their affairs. The crux came to a number of them at about the same time and, biting the bullet they’d been desperately urging others to avoid, they had themselves inoculated against the coronavirus.

Yes, after months of campaigning against vaccination, all the while claiming that what they were doing was not, in fact, what they were doing, they bit their tongues and subjected themselves to having their upper arms punctured by doctors and nurses. Conveniently, not one of them was so upset at the prospect of having their insincere and false natures exposed as to forget to bring a friend with a camera to record them receiving their jabs. But that they all decided to milk this photo-op for all that it was worth and more is, due to the campaign these same people organised against vaccination, nothing short of paradoxical.

Forrás: Facebook/Jakab Péter

Forrás: Facebook/Hadházy Ákos

Forrás: Facebook/Karácsony Gergely

Of course, this is where we get into waters which the Leftwaffe have realised they have no option but to muddy. Anyone who dares to state what they have, in fact, been up to for the past year is subjected to a veritable gas explosion of indignation at such a ‘baseless’ accusation. But it’s not baseless, not at all.

What the Leftwaffe have been campaigning against, if we follow their twisted, broken logic, is the use of Chinese and Russian vaccines to vaccinate people against the coronavirus.

This is the totality of their ‘defence’ against the valid accusation that they have been, until very recently, campaigning against people having themselves vaccinated. They claim that they weren’t anti-vaccination, merely anti-Chinese, and anti-Russian vaccination. A hair’s breadth distinction. Normal people who still have a grip on reality point out that due to the EU’s gross, brain-meltingly stupid bureaucratic idiocy, practically the only vaccines available to save lives were, in fact, the Chinese and Russian vaccinations that the Hungarian government secured. So, even if we’re prepared to swallow the shaggy dog story that the Leftwaffe would have us believe, the result is the same. By campaigning against practically the only available vaccines, the Leftwaffe clearly organised a campaign to convince people to put the Leftwaffe’s future potential political chances ahead of the current health concerns of the very people who would potentially vote for the Leftwaffe. This is nothing short of Escherian!


The Leftwaffe’s campaign at the end of the day amounted to one deeply unpleasantly cynical objective which they’re now, having belatedly developed a sense of morality, rueing. I’m kidding – don’t worry...they’re not going to develop a sense of morality and appropriate behaviour any time soon! What happened was that some of their advisors pointed out that the tactic wasn’t working and it was therefore time for a U-turn. The outrageous campaign that they thought would bring home the bacon; that of convincing their supporters to sacrifice their lives for their political Gods, came to an end only because it wasn’t working, not because anyone in the Leftwaffe thought it was a shame that their supporters might drop like flies.

So, let’s call a spade a spade: the Hungarian Leftwaffe encouraged Hungarians of all ages and different states of health to risk serious illness and potential death.

They can deny it until they’re blue in the face, we know it’s true, they know it’s true, the world and his wife know it’s true, but it’s only just dawned on the Leftwaffe that it was a pretty callous, heartless line to follow, especially when the very people your job depends on are the very ones you’re encouraging to take wholly unnecessary risks with their lives. Additionally, and tellingly, it also wasn’t working as a plan. Time to ditch it.

There were casualties of the callous strategy. A DK (Democratic Coalition) local councillor had the chance to be inoculated with the Sinopharm (Chinese) vaccine. That’s the same vaccine that the Prime Minister received. Surely that should be a guarantee, if any existed, of the vaccine’s veracity, shouldn’t it? If it’s good enough for the head of the government, then it should be good enough for anyone, right? Wrong.


András Penz followed his boss’s line (Fletó once more) and refused to be vaccinated. His wife was vaccinated. She’s fine. Unfortunately, Mr Penz fell ill and subsequently died of complications arising from coronavirus infection.

A pointless death. A man who dies at the age of 71 because he foolishly trusted his health to political masters not schooled in epidemiology. Mr Penz paid the ultimate price for believing the lies of amateurs. Amateurs whose only goal is to gain political capital by gainsaying everything the Hungarian government says and does.

Now, with no discernible logical rationale to cite, but apparently finally realising that they have been barking up the wrong tree since the very inception of the pandemic, the Leftwaffe have decided to change tack.

Dead-end roads and cul-de-sacs are only all well and good if you want to spend your time going nowhere. Even the most foolish finally realise that banging your head against the brick wall of the truth will only give you a headache, nothing more.

And so, it appears that message has finally burrowed through the concrete domes of the Leftwaffe. Somehow, someone has managed to push the penny in far enough and it’s dropped.

But that creates more problems than they would want, not more than they deserve, obviously, but far more than they’d desire. The blind could see that the Leftwaffe’s insistence on fighting against the available science was never going to do them any favours but, nitwits that they undoubtably are, they persisted. Until such a time that they didn’t. Yes. There’s a problem there, isn’t there? You’ve noticed it, too, haven’t you?

Yes, opinions, strongly-held opinions are not the sort of things you normally drop like dirty socks at the end of the day, are they? No. Not if credibility is something you value.

But that, in essence, is what the Leftwaffe have elected to do. They’ve attempted the philosophical equivalent of dropping dirty undies in the laundry basket and then putting on fresh, claiming that these are the same pants and socks. Having completed a U-turn of such phenomenal size that it could be seen from the far end of the galaxy, the Leftwaffe have determined that the way to deal with the inevitable fallout is to adopt the ostrich defence. Heads buried in the sand, ears firmly plugged, they’ve opted to pretend that they’re not doing what they’re doing. Further, if anyone asks, they didn’t do what they did, either.

At the end of that mental maze, if they ever find their way out of the insanity they created, lies guaranteed madness.

You get what you deserve, eh?