Hey Joe! What on earth have you been smoking?

Biden spoons himself into the top seat, and starts ladling out insanity soup from day 1

'Bewildered' Joe Biden is now the president of the United States.

Forrás: AFP

And, having been elected, he decided (or the people that pull his strings decided) that there was no time to wait on certain burning decisions. Executive orders in place of democracy to send a message to the world. And a lot of them are connected to sex.

Forget what you learnt in school, that was then, this is now. Back then, in the dark ages we had two sexes – male, and female. Then of course, sex was replaced by the word ‘gender’ which is essentially sex + social and cultural aspects. Even so, back then there were still only two. These days, however, the times they are a-changing, it appears.

So, this is the brave new world that we inhabit, is it? This is the world where arguably the world’s most powerful man decides that the burning question of the start of his presidency is to re-address the issue of a tiny minority of society who either feel ill at ease in the bodies they were born in, or think that their problems in life might well be connected to the popular idea of being ill at ease in the bodies they were born in.

And I can’t stress this enough – this is a tiny minority. This is miniscule. While I would never suggest that minorities be ignored, the attention that this microscopic minority receives is wholly out of proportion. The machinery of government, rather than being utilised to bring benefits to the majority of society, is to allow transgender Americans to serve in the military. In an organisation numbering about 1.3 million, advocates of transgender military personnel estimate that there may be as many as 15,000 transgender people in the US military. That’s 1.15%.

Forget the majority of society, Biden is pushing the idea that heterosexuals are worth less than transgender people. Biden is also pushing to allow transgender people to compete in girls’ and women’s competitive sports. The rights and wishes of girls and women, fought for over long years, are now being trampled on by liberals who think that the answer to any argument is to play the trans card.

Once again, a message is being beamed, from traditionally the most powerful nation on earth to everyone on earth. Sadly, that message is the following:

Heterosexuals are passé. If you’re ‘normal’ then you’re worth less than those who, not fitting in, decide the way forward is to artificially reject, and then destroy their bodies.

A pyramid of authority is being forced upon us. A pyramid of authority which places the vast, overwhelming majority of humans at the bottom of the pile. We are being told that normal is worth less than abnormal. That’s a very, very strange message to relay to anyone, let alone the whole world.

This message, in effect, is seeking to push the mentally-disturbed to the top of the tree, so that as the demand for equal rights is replaced by the demand for minorities to have more rights than majority society. This message tells us that the American state is leading the fight against heterosexuality and procreation.

What Biden and his backers are doing is pushing the argument we’ve witnessed springing from the fount of stupidity that is Sweden. From a country that gave eugenically-based and economically-based sterilisation programmes to the national socialists of Germany, we now have ‘research’ that, according to the authors ‘proves’ that children are the worst thing imaginable for the planet. This leads to the next step, seen in Australia, where young vegan men, frantic with worry about how best to save the planet, rush to have themselves sterilised rather than risk bringing a child into the world.

And now we have the next step, the government of the USA telling us that heterosexuals, the people designed for procreation, are worth less than those who decide that they can’t live in the bodies they were born in. These people have problems and yet both they and we are being told that they are better than us, more important than us, and that they require better treatment than us.

This is dangerous because, thin end of the wedge though it may be, it encourages others to mutilate their bodies to an extent that they will not be able to procreate. Biden is encouraging people to start playing God with their own bodies and there’s only one result that we can expect in consequence.

Yes, expect suicide rates to soar. Encourage children and young adults to think that they have been born in the wrong bodies and all normal-thinking people know what will happen next. Doctors, who should know better, will provide drugs to prevent the body’s natural development. Having had their natural hormones suppressed, these young people will then be fed other hormones to change their bodies into the other sex. Huge amounts of hormones when we don’t really understand the dangers of swapping hormones in such extreme doses.

And then there’s the surgery. Surgery is never without risk. Surgery is meant to be the option we turn to after every other possible avenue has been explored. This surgery, the surgery to change men so that they appear to be women, and to change women so that they appear to be men, is incredibly difficult and dangerous. Why? Because these people were potentially given hormone blocking drugs which prevented their genitals from growing. These people have small genitals as a result of the hormone blockers. And now a surgeon is going to attempt to create another sex’s sex organs from something which wasn’t allowed to develop to full size. That means a complicated operation will become more complicated as other parts of the body will have to be ‘raided’ Frankenstein-style to supplement the construction of the new organs.

Which part of this madness has convinced people that this is the way forward?

The president of the US is pushing the concept that unnatural doses of hormones and extreme plastic surgery is to be considered a solution to a child’s feeling of not fitting in. Start your child on this path, and you will have assisted hugely in ruining their life. When they grow up and find themselves still unable to fit in, but now unable to fit in with a body which is neither fish nor fowl, when they have rendered themselves unfit for procreation, in battle-scarred bodies, what options will they have left?

Biden and his backers may think that they’re being incredibly modern and progressive with this push to practically encourage a certain percentage of Americans to go out of their way to ruin their lives beyond all hope of redemption.

This is nothing less than insanity. But, as I said, this message will not be listened to by the whole world. There are still countries and continents where heterosexuality is considered the norm, and children are welcomed into the world.