Ever more evidence is coming to light. Evidence of the true philosophical vacuum which exists at the heart of the Left. Evidence of the real attitude of the Leftwaffe to Jews.

Now, more than ever, is the time to put the "Jewish card" back in the pack, isn't it?

Now, more than ever, is the time to put the “Jewish card” back in the pack, isn’t it?

One traditional, disturbing aspect of Leftwaffe involvement in politics is that of the claim that only one select group to be found on the political spectrum has the right to speak about certain subjects. That select group is, of course, the Left wing, the part of the spectrum consisting of the double-standard-wielding group of idiots who continually claim to be that which in most cases they are not. The one common and coincidentally unavoidable trait which runs through all of the parties which shelter under the umbrella of the Leftwaffe is their habit of complete conviction in what they themselves define. Naturally, this trait leads to difficulties. Not within the Leftwaffe, obviously. Double-standards have been knitted into the DNA of the Leftwaffe since the beginning of time – they have long since come to terms with the double and triple speak that falls from their gaping maws. To the Leftwaffe a complete lack of logic is no barrier to an argument supposedly presented from a basis of logic.

To the rest of us, however, the illogical nature of the ‘logic’ of the Leftwaffe is a perennial irritant reducing to nothing, as it naturally does, all hopes of a reasonable and reasoned debate. Sadly, this anomaly, too, has been adopted by the Leftwaffe as a battle tactic as they have, over the years, inevitably recognised that their arguments, lacking any basis in logic, cannot hope to match anything like a real, logically-argued point. It is as a result of this recognition of a failing at such a base level that has led to the development of the parties of the Leftwaffe into parties with no more substance than the oft’ repeated empty slogans which are the Left’s claim to fame.

Look at the Leftwaffe and look to the media which they control. One thing stands out above all else: the effort that goes into the snappy slogans and clever photo montages with which the parties of the Left seek to grab and secure the attention of their voters. The success they have experienced as a result of sloganeering has, however, led them to concentrate on slogans rather than policies. As a direct result, for decades now the Left have willingly branded themselves with a stamp of their own design: all mouth, no trousers.

This is a deep deficiency, yet one which the Left are seemingly either unwilling or at a loss to address. As politics moves further from the 20th century considerations of left, middle and right, the Left, wholly uninterested in keeping up as a result of seeking glory in sloganeering, have found themselves left by the wayside. Policies which were once considered to be the exclusive domain of the Left – social welfare, employment, and education – have been stolen from under the very noses of the Left without them even appearing to notice.

In Hungarian political life, this process has automatically led to the hopelessly incoherent displays which punctuate sessions both inside and outside parliament. Having chosen to not accept that the ley lines have changed, we are treated to spectacular displays of shattered logic as Leftwaffe politicians cast scorn on the Hungarian government when it achieves far, far more than the Leftwaffe could ever hope to. Time and time again, the Leftwaffe attack the funding directed to health care and education whilst a quick glance at the figures reveals that far more money is being spent on these areas than the Left – with their perennial taste for skimming more and more off the top of the money pile – could ever hope to achieve.

Even more than this, however, the extreme dislocation of the logic of the Left comes racing to the fore in one peculiar area of political life.

The Jewish card is a trump card which the Left have claimed as theirs and theirs alone since the end of WWII. Casting all others in the role of diluted variants of the advocates of National Socialism, as far as the Left are concerned, this is the last ace up their sleeve. A trump card which beats all others, the introduction of which ruins any hope of an intellectual argument. Typically, it is worth remembering that in this topic, as in all others, the Leftwaffe are resolutely blinded to the minimal distance which exists between Socialism and National Socialism. A member of the Leftwaffe will always brand others as Nazis, and yet feigns to not have noticed the blatant similarities between the politics and, more importantly, the tactics which were employed by all those who advocated socialism, national or international.

The question remains, however, of how long this state of affairs can be expected to last.

Although both the Left and the media under their control are ever-ready to drop the atom bomb that is the accusation of anti-Semitism on anyone at any time they see fit, every time they do so, wheels within wheels naturally rotate, a process which will lead to the eventual collapse of the ‘Jewish card’ option as a result of the exposure of missing logic.

Just as the Left have spent all their time dreaming up nothing more than slogans to woo voters, they have simultaneously shied away from developing a philosophical base for what we are supposed to believe is their set of political beliefs. The exclusive, selfish assertion that the Leftwaffe alone possess an exclusive licence to issue proclamations on issues related to Jews is ever more likely to be revealed for what it actually is – a false claim which seeks to distract attention from the actual situation.

Recently, the message that has been studiously ignored by the world – that the declaration of being ‘of the Left’ in actual fact offers no guarantees of sympathy to questions concerning Jewish matters has started to gain ground internationally. In the UK, for example, there is ever--mounting evidence of the anti-Semitic attitudes of the Labour Party, seemingly encouraged by self-declared ‘man of the people’, ex-Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It was Corbyn’s dogged reluctance to deal with anti-Semitism within his party which finally led to his replacement. Further evidence was provided with analysis of the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza. In London, in one of the most disturbing demonstrations of anti-Semitic behaviour, a convoy of cars cruised through traditionally Jewish neighbourhoods in London threatening rape and violence against Jews. This, it need hardly be stated, is one predictable result of promoting the entrance of repeated waves of Muslims into a previously tolerant society. In the UK, a frankly astonishing number of prominent Left-wing personalities and organisations proudly stated their support for Palestine over Israel, and common to all of them was the hypocrisy that imbued their behaviour. Once again the Left pushed hypocrisy to the fore, demanding that action be taken against Israel in the form of sanctions, all the while not apparently noticing other conflicts presently affecting various other groups scattered across the globe.

The message from the Left is clear – we do not approve of the Jewish state and see it as our duty to encourage sanctions against Israel, that is, against Jews. And, as ridiculous as it is, we are then expected, in the next breath, to accept the claim of these anti-Semites that the Right, not the Left, are the as-yet diluted descendants of the National Socialists.

Surely there can’t be any real confusion here, can there? It is surely not a difficult leap to see how the Luftwaffe have evolved into the Leftwaffe, is it? The Brown Shirts changed their colours to red, and carried on. The fascists of the Hungarian Arrow Cross similarly swapped their uniforms and continued to serve the socialists. All of this has been documented. This is fact. And yet, and yet... we are still faced with the Leftwaffe claiming that it is all others, not them. Everyone else is anti-Semitic, just not the ones who are repeating anti-Semitic insults and encouraging anti-Semitic action. Logic is dead.

Or is it? There are signs that the message is getting through. In the UK, although anti-Semitism appears to still command a far larger audience than you would expect, Jews are coming to the fore to complain about the anti-Semitism they face as actors, for example. Corbyn paid a high price for burying his head in the sand and ignoring the anti-Semitism in his party – he was removed from the front of his party. Here, in Hungary, there are also signs that society is starting to turn the corner as far as recognising things as what they truly are.

MIMC, the Hungarian-Israeli Media Center has recently completed analyses of the degree of objectivity displayed in selected left-wing media outlets in Hungary on subjects concerning or related to Israel. Their conclusions should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The liberal/left-wing outlets are among some of the most popular news sources in Hungary. The assessment of MIMC regarding the reporting on the conflict in Gaza in May 2021 in Mérce, 444.hu, Telex and Azonnali reveals that the news portals employed a very specific vocabulary when reporting the conflict.

Determined to ignore the fact that in both the EU and in Hungary Hamas is considered to be a terrorist organisation, the journalists of the Leftwaffe prefer to refer to the fighters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad as not terrorists, but rather ‘militants’. It’s all in the language, and the use of less or more subtle vocabulary fully reveals the lack of objectivity. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, but when we are bombarded with daily assurances of absolute independence in news reporting, we should surely be suspicious of the vocabulary of the Left.

MIMC’s report reveals that there is a determined desire by the Left to shade the language they report in. When Israel is under the microscope then there is talk of ‘murder’. When riots are instigated by the Palestinians, the emotive level of the vocabulary is downgraded to ‘protests’.

In the reporting of the four portals, inconsistencies were also revealed in addition to vocabulary projected through a particular prism. The Leftwaffe in Hungary pushed the idea that the conflict was directly related to the coalition talks regarding the Israeli parliament, rather cynically pushing the idea that Benjamin Netanyahu had deliberately provoked a conflict in order to shore up support for himself and his party. As MIMC noted, “... there is no evidence that the conflict has anything to do with the Israeli coalition talks.”

Further inconsistencies were discovered in the writings of 444.hu with a journalist writing of the Israeli bombing of a building which housed the offices of the Associated Press. Typically, as we have come to expect from the Leftwaffe, the implication was as clear as day: the Israelis, already repeatedly decried as ‘an apartheid state’, actively seek to prevent the reporting of news regarding the conflict. As MIMC noted, by the time of the publication of the 444 article, the Israeli Defence Forces had repeatedly clarified that Hamas had been conducting military operations from the same building. The article in question remained uncorrected.

Telex, the news portal formed after the collapse of Index follows suit in its reporting of the conflict, neglecting to mention the fact that, according to both the EU and Hungary, Hamas is a terrorist organisation. Further subterfuge comes with the tactic of revealing only some of the relevant information. A Telex article on an Israeli far-left author neglected to mention that the author in question is so unashamedly anti-Israel that one of his articles has been translated and published in Arabic on the website of Hamas!

The rest is a mish-mash of more of the same. Even the smallest fry manage to get their anti-Semitic licks in. Azonnali, a website apparently partially financed by LMP MP Péter Ungár, employs journalists who have reported that Netanyahu was “happy” about the creation of ISIS, for example. Further, Israel has been accused of being “colonialist”, and of having committed “genocide” against the Arabs. Thus the Leftwaffe draw a line from the Third Reich to the modern state of Israel, making it possible for supporters of the Left to attack victims of Nazism as proponents of the same. Seeking to highlight the similarities which the Leftwaffe discern in the actions of the Third Reich and Israel, Azonnali asserted, without any proof, that Israel is forcing Ethiopian Jewish women to take contraceptives.

We have now surely come full circle. Lambasted by the Leftwaffe for their colonisation of land which is not theirs, decried for trampling on the rights of children, accused of genocide, and now, in a move calculated to bring the horrors of Josef Mengele to mind, denounced for seeking to dictate which women are allowed to bear children and which are not.

Now is the time, surely, for the world to recognise the lies that the Leftwaffe have been peddling for so many decades regarding their intrinsic, exclusive right to accuse others of engaging in anti-Semitic behaviour.

Now is the time for the world to put an end to the blind assertion that the Left are solely entitled to dictate to the rest of us what we think, feel, and say about Jewish members of society.

If now is not the time to put the ‘Jewish card’ back into the pack and leave it there, perhaps now is the time to take the ‘Jewish card’ out of the hands of the Left. If it remains in their hands we can all see what damage they will do to those they claim to protect.