Elvis has indicated that he's about to leave the building...but the concert's not finished yet.

Watch, open-mouthed as Gergely Karácsony drops everything, abandoning ship for a better option.


And so that which was expected came to pass. The sun rose, the sun set, and having assured the world that he had no intention of throwing his hat into the ring, the mostly absent mayor of Budapest announced to weary political observers that he was going to throw his hat into the ring and put himself forward as a candidate for next prime minister of Hungary.

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It happened and unsurprisingly, not a single person was taken aback. No matter how vehemently the lady protested, a blind-drunk, blind gibbon could have seen it coming. Karácsony’s behaviour and announcement had all the genuine inevitability of the fate of the minor character going down into the cellar to ‘check the fuse box’ in a cheap horror film. But that’s not to say that there was no melodrama.

The announcement of the erstwhile mayor of Budapest, spread over an excruciating 9 minutes, told the world that, yes, having retreated into himself to meditate and consider what the galaxy truly requires of him, he had finally decided that it was his duty to ditch his current job mid-season, as it were, and aim for something higher.

Yes, he’s abandoning ship. There is really nothing else to concentrate on here. This is a man who, having achieved nothing of note since he took over from István Tarlós, the only man in living memory who not only actually set out to do great things with the capital city, but by working hard, achieved what he set out to do. Under his management, Budapest was transformed into the city that we all knew it could be. With the election of the disturbingly ovine Karácsony, however, the writing was scrawled on the wall like graffiti from years past.

Yes, a return to the bad old days when the mayor of Budapest considered it his responsibility to channel money into the bank accounts of his backers and chums, whilst pointedly doing nothing but sitting back to watch the city lose its shine. Other than providing a very good standard of living for those who put him into the hot seat, since being elected mayor of Budapest in 2019, Karácsony has achieved very little.

Forrás: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Karácsony seems to have modelled his work ethic on that of Gábor Demszky, the man who was ostensibly in charge of the capital from 1990 until (stunningly) 2010.

Forrás: MTI / Máthé Zoltán

Demszky is a man who is intellectually suited to sitting down and keeping out of the way. Karácsony takes up where Demszky left off. Karácsony was obliged to repay the people who put him into what should have been the hot seat. He was chosen as the least repulsive of the opposition to the then mayor, and so was backed by an unwieldy political menagerie. When he succeeded in their ambitions, each of the parties that backed him predictably demanded their pound of flesh. Thus, Geri Karácsony was required to fill his cabinet and more with people whose parties had contributed to his success. This sense of indebtedness would rankle with most people, but Geri Karácsony isn’t most people. He’s a cipher of great renown. A man who encapsulates the vapidity of the tactic of dodging responsibility, a man who can duck responsibility faster than anyone else. As a result of never having desired responsibility, Geri doesn’t mind in the slightest that he had to employ a veritable army of people from the ranks of various Leftwaffe parties. This way he can ensure that he avoids all responsibility. He has an army of assistants to do everything for him, a situation that suits him down to the ground. With others employed to do whatever it is that is meant to be required of him, he has plenty of time to concentrate on those things he finds most important like posting on Facebook, for example. Even with that most singular of his passions, however, he’s careful to let others take the strain, too. He employs 6 people to deal with his Facebook profile alone. No sense in overtaxing your talents, obviously.

As a result, when we were saddled with Geri Karácsony, dithering, blithering sheep that he is, we were saddled with someone who shares none of the passion that his predecessor held for the post. With Geri, we’ve got all the passion of a dead fish, and it shows.

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But now that blatant lack of passion for a city, which has the power to leave even its own residents stood open-mouthed at the beauty it holds, has led us to where we now find ourselves.

Geri has become bored with the project he embarked on in 2019.

Forrás: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

As a direct result of having a temperature which approximates to that of a reptile, our mayor is a man who will never achieve a state of excitement. As boring as he is bored, Geri is a man who is perfectly willing to be pushed from pillar to post by those who dictate to him.

Having invested nothing in the job he won for others, he feels, naturally, that he’s got nothing to lose. A man who has invested nothing in his job quite naturally feels nothing in terms of loyalty. Geri, in addition to his personal myriad of faults, is a man for whom loyalty is a passé idea. For him it’s a job, nothing more. He didn’t engage with the city, which makes it so much easier for him to disengage.

All of this, however, could come back to bite him on the bum.

No matter what Geri thinks about loyalty, no matter what excuses Geri can come up with in terms of a new, greater calling, people will not see anything positive in his decision to jump ship, deserting a mess which he oversaw, like a rat.

Geri has revealed another chink the size of a horde of elephants in his armour. He has no loyalty to anything other than himself and the political pygmies of the Leftwaffe who continue to turn to him as the least-repulsive on the Leftwaffe’s menu.

Lack of loyalty is not a virtue. Geri, by accepting the invitation to run for prime minister of Hungary, has revealed far too much about his personality than would be prudent.

A man who was elated for all of a few minutes having been elected mayor of Budapest, Geri’s inability to be satisfied with anything stems in large part from his immature and dogged refusal to engage with any task he is given. That, if nothing else, doesn’t bode well for the future.

Geri Karácsony is nothing but a political butterfly. Attracted to a flower, he stays to sip, but is utterly unable to prevent other flowers from catching his eye. The populace aren’t stupid, they know, as we all do, that a politician’s word is their only bond of note.

Geri Karácsony, eternally bored, boring political butterfly had nothing to offer the city, and has even less to offer the country.

This is a joke, a bad joke.