After the smoke clears, it's Niedermüller who's left, covered in egg.

Even the interpretive dancers came out of this mess better than the mayor.

I never thought it possible that the idiot mass of students who threw themselves onto the floor and drummed their heels in hysterical, toddler-esque anguish at the government’s decision to bring some sort of order to their education would ever be able to come out of a scandal with less egg on their faces than Péter Neidermüller, supposedly wily old politician of the Left.

That, however, is exactly what the latest twist in the SZFE saga has brought us. The whingeing and wailing of the students of the University of Theatre and Film Arts began, ostensibly, as a protest against government interference in further education. In actual fact, the rather humdrum truth behind the protests is that they were a cover for the Leftwaffe to attack the government. The whole thing was a very well-financed attempt to garner international support for the Left, nothing more. Protests were organised in record time and one of the dilapidated buildings which formed part of the university’s campus was occupied by the sort of students who form the very arrow tip of the FreeSZFE brethren. Yes, those who not only excel in transgender analysis through improvised interpretive dance, but also write phenomenal essays on the obvious Bolshevik-esque relationship between Shakespeare’s female characters and modern beat poetry.

The Leftwaffe typically tried to obscure the truth behind the protests, but it was obvious to anyone who cared to look: from the outset this was about nothing other than creating an international storm of protest. Even their tagline had to be in English, which reveals who the intended audience was.

A forrás: Facebook/Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem

Foreign luvvies, taking one last longing look at themselves in front of multiple full-length mirrors, rushed to temporarily disfigure their baby-soft palms with vegan marker pens to demonstrate solidarity with people who had, let’s face it, embarked on a career path which practically guaranteed unemployment.

The government refused to bow to the combined pressure of improvisational interpretive dance, and lisping luvvies, and so the plans to reform the institution into something which might produce a graduate of use to the world are going ahead. The plans involve billions of forints being invested to enable the little ingrates to lisp their revolutionary songs in aesthetic, modern, comfortable surroundings.

Did the dust settle? No, it wasn’t allowed to. The flames of the saga, forever fanned by the Hungarian Left, flared up again.

Péter Niedemüller, member of the Democratic Coalition (the party formed and led by ex-PM ‘Fletó’ Gyurcsány, who ordered the notorious police assaults on innocent civilians in 2006, the man who married the granddaughter of one of Hungarian history’s darkest communist stains), stepped up to the crease and, as mayor of the 7th district, decided to hand over a freshly-renovated school (renovated by the previous Fidesz administration, of course), completed to meet the specifications of music teaching, to the revolutionary muppet students. This was to soothe their wounded feelings, to make them feel better about being kicked out of their hovel.

This backfired spectacularly when it became common knowledge, and justifiably so. Niedermüller, whose leadership of the district has been linked to all manner of stupid decisions, seems to have misjudged how much he can get away with. This is the same Niedermüller, who infamously stated in a TV interview that white, Christian heterosexuals were a “horrifying growth”. Lovely man.

This is the man who presides over a local government which seems intent on bankrupting the district. The man whose latest plan to rent out council-owned buildings has resulted in him kicking the only Jewish TV station in Europe out of their studio, at barely a moment’s notice, following a tender in which the Jewish TV station submitted the highest bid by a substantial margin.

Forrás: Heti TV

With the same stroke of his pen, Niedermüller also ejected the internationally acclaimed Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra.

Forrás: MTI/Bruzák Noémi

Their rehearsal rooms were in the same building as the Jewish TV station. Two birds, one stone, and now the building is free to be rented to someone else.

Niedermüller installed the FreeSZFE ‘revolutionaries’ in a building he snatched from the 600 young music students for whom the building was intended.

Forrás: Facebook/Freeszfe

An outrageous and deeply immoral abuse of power. When the FreeSZFE revolutionaries occupied part of the dilapidated campus as a political demonstration of hatred of their government, it was left in a state which would be unacceptable for a sounder of particularly slovenly animals.


In essence the wannabe ‘Chés’ of the FreeSZFE camp were deprived of their clubhouse, and Niedermüller stepped in, brushing aside all legal and practical considerations, to install his new darlings who hate the prime minister almost as much as Niedermüller does himself. Depriving the music students of the building which had been renovated from top to bottom to accommodate them and their needs, Niedermüller, paying no heed to the intended recipients of the building, saw his chance to get ‘in with the kids’, and dumped the music students out into the street, installing a bunch of privileged, lisping, unemployable, dancing wretches into a building wholly unsuited for use as a clubhouse for interpretive dance recitals be they Marxist, Leninist, or Maoist.

This followed a vote in the previous local government cycle in which almost all members of the council voted to provide a place for the Molnár Antal Music School. Somewhat typically, when the ‘opposition’ won the seat in the autumn of 2019, that push never came to shove, and the music school was never allowed to take possession of the building that was intended for their use.

When a groundswell of predictable public outrage began to develop, Niedermüller resorted to that old, classic Leftwaffe tactic: he lied. He lied like his political life depended on it, the veracity of which only time will tell. The local government led by him claimed that they weren’t made aware of the decision that stated the building, purposely renovated to be ideal for the teaching of music and concerts, was intended for the music school. As one journalist noted:

“Which means that they (the local council) think the management of the music school only participated in the planning of the redevelopment of the building for a laugh.”

Exactly. It’s an embarrassingly ridiculous assertion to make.

The groundswell of public outrage did, however, provoke a reaction – the FreeSZFE muppets, recognising the mess that Niedermüller had landed them in, quickly stated that they would relinquish their right to rent at the end of the semester.

Which only leaves Niedermüller himself, sat, all alone, with egg on his face. There are now calls for him to resign with immediate effect before he can do any more damage to the district. Since it came to light that the tender for the rent of the building was basically written to exclude all but the FreeSZFE gaggle, the police are now investigating.

Wily? Only in the same vein as Wile E. Coyote, it appears.