The more ridiculous the idea, the more some people want to advocate it.

Welcome to the asinine world of the West. A place of stupidly myopic standards.


And so another week in sports history is tainted with politics. It was always so; at the height of the Cold War there were repeated grand political gestures from both sides. Of course, the concept of a pissing contest between the two political giants controlling the world was always on the cards, as sure as eggs is eggs.

The idea of the pissing contest has always been with us, and our modern lives are no exception. The only difference is that now the pissing contest appears to be more and more one-sided, and further has less and less to do with anything tangible.

Note the behaviour of the Germans on the occasion of Hungary travelling to Munich to play against the Germans in the UEFA championships. The German liberal media sent the message out to all of their liberal mates who duly filled up on water and made an attempt to piss all over the Hungarians. Meanwhile, the Hungarians were concentrating on sport.

The ‘plat du jour’, of course, was the idea of the rabid forcing of everyone to accept a wholly stupid set of opinions concerning a near-microscopic section of modern western societies.

Yes, for those of you who have been keeping up with the latest fad, this time, ad nauseum, the lavender-scented liberals are up in (albeit weak and floppy) arms about the fact that we don’t see eye to eye on one of the most pointless topics to be found globally today. That topic is, of course, the idea that people should be able, if not actually encouraged, to change their sexuality more often than they change their pants. This idea, which concerns a microscopic segment of modern societies is, let’s face it, a result of the way that modern western society has been allowed to develop. Freed from the necessarily time-consuming pressures of earlier societies, certain sections of western society, finding that they have far more free time on their hands as a result of the manner of capitalist development, have thrown themselves with a passion into a new occupation – navel-gazing. Potentially a natural progression, navel-gazing, the incessant gawking at one’s own centre, the excessive contemplation of what concerns only the smallest of groups, automatically leads to a person neglecting a wider view of things. This, when employed by a specific group in society leads to what we can now observe in the West. In the West, people, with ever more free time on their hands, ever more secure in the sense that the safety net of the welfare state will remain beneath to catch them if they fall, have given themselves over to the contemplation of problems which only they see as critical.

In societies with less security, in social groups with less confidence in the all-saving properties of the welfare state, there is a distinct lack of navel-gazing. These people don’t have the luxury of sitting in mindful contemplation of such lofty concepts as whether sex is determined at birth or can be changed willy-nilly at the drop of a négligée.

But back to the issue of the day – the furore that the liberals created as a means of lashing out at those who refuse to bow down before their self-decreed, all-encompassing ‘wisdom’. Prior to the Germany-Hungary match, the Hungarian parliament passed a law to protect children from paedophiles and sexual corruption. Everyone can surely agree that this is nothing less than a noble cause, can’t they? Surely there can be no question about that, can there? In order to answer that question, all that is required is to consider the alternative. Does anyone think that it’s a good idea to expose children to the attentions of people who would sexually abuse them? Does society not complain perennially about the speed at which young children are stripped of their innocence regarding matters of a sexual nature?

Even in the oh-so-liberal West there are increasing concerns about the effect on society of the exposure to pornography of ever-younger boys and girls. Oversexualised by what they can access via the Internet, children, pre-pubescent children are now acting in a sexual manner. This has obvious implications for society and has already led in some British schools to the recommendation of ‘modesty shorts’ (essentially bike shorts) for girls in order to thwart the now-habitual behaviour of young boys in ‘upskirting’ them.

This is the situation we see developing in the West – young boys and girls, years away from natural sexual development, copying what they have accessed on the Internet and displaying disturbingly inappropriate sexual behaviour, all whilst not knowing exactly what it is that they’re doing.

That, let’s face it, is pretty fucked up.

If you were to read the news of late, you would see that, once again, a chorus of condemnation had been organised against the Hungarian legislation. That same legislation which seeks to protect children was decried as something that it most certainly isn’t. Various EU politicians, including the eternally pointless Ursula von der Leyen, dutifully answered the call of the Leftwaffe and rushed to condemn the Hungarian government for... what, exactly? Well, typically, this is where the Leftwaffe have succeeded, once more, in sowing confusion in the minds of the liberals located further to the West.

Sadly, in a manner which, though expected, produces a sigh of disappointment, the liberals of the West listened exclusively to what they were told by the bitter, twisted souls who make up what passes for the Hungarian opposition, and believed that a law had been enacted which undermined the position of that oh-so popular section of western society – the homosexuals.

The reasons for the West listening exclusively to the opposition are myriad, but the main reason for the West deciding to drink solely from the Leftwaffe’s tap is connected to the Hungarian government itself.

The EU likes obedience in all things (which empire doesn’t?), and given that the Hungarian government doesn’t take kindly to being told what to do, this necessarily results in the EU pretty much permanently wishing ill upon the Hungarians.

And so it was this time, too. The liberals exploded in outrage at the so-called ‘fact’ that the Hungarian government was restricting the rights of homosexuals. Once it had been reported as truth, the world and his wife jumped on the bandwagon, all liberals recognising the kudos which would accrue to them by being a member of the group which lined up to give Hungary a kicking.

Of course, they built a castle of lies on a foundation of untruths. Sadly, nobody gives a flying fuck about that. Some elements of the German media even reported that it was now illegal to be homosexual in Hungary!

Journalistic ineptitude aside, the Germans, ever-willing suckers for whatever whim or fad rises to the top of dirty water like scum, have exchanged the fad of Nazism (but just remember how quickly they all took to it) for the new fad of placing anyone who derides heterosexuality onto a pedestal just beneath that of ‘ruler of the galaxy’.

The Germans wanted to protest against non-existent parts of Hungarian legislation by illuminating the match stadium in rainbow colours. Seriously? In addition, the German liberals were out in force selling rainbow flags and the like to anyone who fancied one. Seriously? When will you lot finally get it through the reinforced concrete in your heads that Hungarians like most people couldn’t give a flying fuck about which part of your anatomy you use to fill whichever hole of your partner? We really don’t care.

What we do object to, however, is the idea that you, a tiny minority who define yourselves almost exclusively in terms of sexuality, are somehow entitled to alert others to the wonders of sexual intercourse, in whichever form, at an inappropriate age without the consent of parents.

The Hungarian legislation states that until the age of eighteen, parents alone are responsible for the children’s sexual education.

That applies to sexual education across the spectrum. The law doesn’t differentiate between hetero- or homosexual sex. The legislation denies both.

Forget the idiocy of western liberals who continue to use Hungary as a whipping boy to distract their own societies from the myriad of fucked-up policies that they have enacted. Policies which benefit everyone bar the majority.

Ignore the knee-jerk reaction and frankly embarrassing responses from the head of the European Commission, a woman with such trust in her aides that she doesn’t feel the need to read a law before determining that it has to be condemned. Ignore, if you can, the fact that von der Leyen as a mother of seven appears to have a problem with preventing paedophiles from corrupting children. Lovely parenting skills, Ursula. Almost as impressive as your woeful performance as the head of the European Commission.

In Munich, outrage was expressed at a piece of legislation designed to protect children in a sovereign state. Legislation which seeks to prevent the development of the problem of over-sexualised young boys and girls, a problem which is prevalent in the very countries condemning Hungary for introducing the legislation.

Although common sense, no doubt, still exists in the West, the dominance of western media by the Leftwaffe means that a steady drip-drip-drip of ‘politically correct’ propaganda is slowly coming to replace common sense.

As a result, what we witnessed in Munich on the day of the football match was nothing short of extremely disturbing. What we witnessed was Germans acting like Nazis, nothing less.

For all their implicit indications of external shame resulting from their wholesale swallowing of the fad of Nazism, the German apple, at least as regards behaviour when it comes to those deemed to have transgressed, has not fallen far from the tree.

Hungarian football fans who travelled to Munich for the match were stopped in their chartered coaches just inside the German border and held there for two hours by, of all people, the German customs police. The customs police? In the EU? In a customs-free zone?! What is this, if not a ham-fisted, foolhardy attempt at intimidation? Were it not enough that the Hungarians were stopped at the border and prevented from travelling on, to add insult to injury, all Hungarian fans were required to subject themselves to mugshots by the Nazis... sorry the Brownshirts... sorry, the German authorities. Photographed from the front and from the sides, details duly noted.

Forrás: Facebook

Doesn’t this remind anyone of anything?

Is it just us Central Europeans who remember the German enthusiasm for the jackboot?

And it didn’t end there. Finally permitted to travel to Munich, the Hungarian fans were escorted through the streets by riot police in a manner which used to be the exclusive prerogative of British football hooligans.

Of course, when the cameras in the stadium started beaming images we could perhaps see why the Germans resorted to tactics that their grandparents were so fond of. Tactics that, let’s face it, all Germans are continually at pains to point out the non-existence of in Germany.

When the cameras panned over the populated areas of the stadium what could be witnessed was the huge difference between the Germans and the Hungarians. The Hungarians looked vigourous, the Germans looked like nudist camp rejects; all silly hats, wimpy arms, and sock/sandal combos.

No matter the match, no matter the score. What matters here is that the Germans employed stormtrooper tactics, all in the name of tolerance.

Yes, on the basis of lies about a piece of Hungarian legislation, the limp-wristed princes of German political life instructed the blunt instrument of the re-coloured brownshirts to intimidate the Hungarians.

Let us nail this down once and for all: the Hungarian legislation was deliberately misrepresented by the twisted, bent individuals whose very breath is tainted by the bile of bitter disappointment which has been their lot for so long. Unable to convince the Hungarian population that that which is poison for the nation is what they should be drinking, the Hungarian Leftwaffe continually seek success at the hands of others. The opposition in Hungary has always sought to gain power by piggy-backing rather than by their own deeds.

Sadly, of course, in today’s modern, Leftwaffe-influenced western world there are plenty who seek to override the will of the Hungarian population by foul and fouler still means.

Thus, in the name of tolerance for a minority of society who seem to be far more important than the majority, the Germans, ever keen to deny their association to their own past, employed the tactics of the last fad to sweep their land.

In the name of tolerance, the Germans have resorted to the tactics of their thuggish forebears. If nothing else, this sums up the EU’s Leftwaffe position: we will tell you what to think.

In the name of tolerance the EU will bend you, break you and remodel you along lines which the EU considers to be acceptable.

Once again, our response has to be the same: thanks, but no thanks.

You can bend in whichever direction you fancy to accommodate whomever you want to. But never forget that sovereign nations are just that – sovereign.

Allow us to decide for ourselves rather than merely following your line. We’re old enough to decide what’s best for us rather than just following the flock.

Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine. There are plenty of things you could be worrying about in the meantime, though. Start with the fact that accusations of homophobia mean very little when it’s your countries that you’re desperately filling with Muslims who will do all they can to silence and remove homosexuals. When you’ve had enough fun contemplating that one, think about what a pickle you’re going to find yourselves in in 2022 at the World Cup in Qatar. There, as well you know, homosexuality is illegal. The countries which are hosting the world cup are even rumoured to be trying to establish tests to screen for gays so that they can ban them from entering any of the participating countries.

See, there’s plenty to keep you busy. We’ll just concentrate on the football if it’s all the same with you. We’ll let you work on your double standards in peace.