What? Is that the pot calling the kettle 'black-arse'?

Yes, undoubtedly it is. For all the accusations and finger-pointing, it might be time to turn the mirror back on yourselves...

And so to Britain, a country long convinced of its own essential impartiality and decency. A country in which I was raised. A country which considers itself to be better than others. Not that the British are alone in feeling like that – it is, after all, human nature to encourage the members of your tribe to believe in their own intrinsic worth. But whereas the nationals of certain countries point to achievements in engineering or science, the British, for whatever reason, have developed the idea of superiority to encompass a moral dimension.

That, again, isn’t necessarily an exclusive idea. Ever more increasingly, powerful countries of the West have sought to bring other nations to heel with reference to moral arguments beneath which lie all manner of sanctions. Invasion forces are threatened and then unleashed from what is defined as the moral high ground, whether justifiable or not.

But it’s obviously impossible to declare that one country is more moral than another given that we are all human beings – different races within a single species. If someone were to assert that the inhabitants of a particular country are morally ‘better’ than the inhabitants of another country, then that would constitute a novel concept of absolute discrimination, wouldn’t it?

Recently, the conflict which erupted between Israel and Palestine, the worst violence in years between Israel and Palestinian militants led to several extremely unsavoury events in London, of which little was heard in Hungary, for example.

As far as the Leftwaffe are concerned, however, in Europe there is only one country which can be (and is) accused of anti-Semitism on a perennial basis: Hungary.

As far as Western media are concerned, the West, with all their inherent social sophistication, are light years ahead of the poor, instinctive racists of Central and Eastern Europe, countries whose populations still bear the demeaning (as far as the West is concerned) brand of homogeneity.

As an argument, this argument is barely worthy of the name. Anyone can see that nothing truly attests to the British idea that they occupy a naturally higher moral position than anyone else. Nevertheless, the British, always encouraged by their own media, do believe that they’re better than us, than you, than anyone we care to mention.

I, however, take issue with that idea.

As a result of Britain’s post-WWII immigration policies, Britain is now a true mix of all nations. As far as Britain is concerned, the days of being able to identify people based on race are long gone. You might see someone of obvious African descent declare themselves to be English. That family immediately identifiable as having originated in the Asian sub-continent? They’re English, too. That discernibly Chinese person? English. But even as Britain was turning itself into a true melting point, traditional problems didn’t simply melt away.

Problems connected to religion, for example. Problems connected to specifically Judaism and Islam. Problems highlighted by the recent violence between Israel and Palestine. These problems have been exacerbated by Britain’s approach to immigration. Due to the increase in Muslim immigrants and the fact that Muslims favour large families, the Muslim population of the UK now far outweighs the Jewish population.

From nearly 5% in 2016, the Muslim population was estimated to make up 7% of the British population by 2020. In 2018, a British government survey revealed that there were almost 3.4 million Muslims in the UK. Now, compare that to the number of Jews: 336,965.

Britain, unlike Europe, and particularly Central Europe has traditionally never had a large Jewish population. That Jewish population is now, due to the waves of immigrants from Muslim countries, dwarfed into almost insignificance.

Political insignificance.

Leaving the moral aspect of the matter to one side, what we can see is that in the UK, the tiny Jewish population now inspires nothing but an ever—increasing indifference as far as British political parties are concerned. The British politicians have seen the future. At heart, politicians are, as a matter of course, required to appeal to the population. Politicians are, by definition, populist. If they’re not, they’re doomed to failure.

Forget the typical insult which is now commonly hurled at all conservative politicians. ‘Populist’ cannot be considered an insult of note when directed at a person whose very choice of career is to appeal to as many people as possible. The use of the term ‘populist’ as an insult in politics is, let’s face it, akin to taking a successful football team to task for wanting to win their matches. Sour grapes, nothing more.

But the populism angle cannot be ignored, as it is this which has led the Left to most definitely abandon the Jewish communities of Britain. As the number of Muslim immigrants has risen and risen, the Left, ever determined to view new waves of immigrants as potential voter bases to be charmed into forming a long-term plinth of support, have bent over backwards to ensure this support. Now is obviously not the time to point out that by doing so, the Left have effectively abandoned a minority to behave in a most populist manner. Presumably, those capable of coherent thought will have already worked out that the traditional way to cover potential discomfort as a result of your own spinelessness is to accuse your political opponents of that which you are engaged in.

In London there were a number of examples of anti-Semitism provoked by the conflict between Israel and Palestine. These examples included a surreal, mind-boggling incident when cars draped with Palestine flags drove through a traditionally Jewish area of London, bawling out threats to kill Jewish men and rape Jewish women.

Let that sink in for a moment. In the centre of London, a city which prides itself on its cosmopolitan and diverse quintessence, a group of men who support Palestine feel the necessity to display, in the most brutal manner possible, what they think of other people who reside in the same cosmopolitan, diverse capital city as themselves. The Israeli-Palestine conflict thrust under everyone’s noses the inescapable fact that Muslim supporters of Palestine feel emboldened by sheer numbers to openly threaten violence against Jewish Londoners.

Stop for a moment, once again, and imagine what would happen if that situation had played out in... Hungary, for example. By the end of the first news report there would, I bet, have been tanks from Western nations knocking at our borders, preparing to come in and protect a religious minority in a manner which the West approve of.

It’s all gone horribly pear-shaped. The British establishment, having allowed in masses of Muslims now tread on eggshells whenever they think Muslim sensibilities might be offended. When Boris Johnson received Viktor Orbán, the British press were obsessively interested in what Orbán meant when he referred to the masses of illegal migrants who poured into Europe at Merkel’s invitation as ‘Muslim invaders’. Such a question openly invites ridicule in Central and Eastern Europe. A mass of young men of a single religion entering a place, with intrusive effect? What other words could be used to describe it?! It’s as clear as the nose on your face. Or rather, it is for us, but no longer for the British. There was a time when the British could call a spade a spade. That time is no more, at least where Muslims are concerned.

The British have, sadly, from our viewpoint, lost the plot. Now concerned to the last about the implications of offending Muslim voters, they have thrown the Jews to the wolves. Jewish actors and actresses are now leaving the Actors’ union Equity, in droves, unwilling to put up with anti-Israel sentiment within the union any longer. Equity, a union which said nothing about the plight of the Uyghurs, the Rohingyas, the Sudanese, or the Yemenites, organised demonstrations in support of Palestine (and therefore against Israel), and encouraged people to sign a petition calling for the government to impose sanctions on Israel.

The concerns of actors may be less dramatic than scenes of Palestine supporters threatening death and rape, but other dramatic scenes have been recorded, too.

In one incident, a man stopped Jewish secondary school students and threatened to punch them if they didn’t state that they supported Palestine. The man then told the students: “Tell your fucking Mum and Dad they are murderers and killing babies.”

In North London, a rabbi was attacked near his synagogue.

So what of the police? Surely in this day and age, we can at least rely on the police to step in where politicians fear to tread, can’t we? That is, after all, what the police are there for, isn’t it?

Sadly, it appears that that assumption is also hopelessly out of date. In the most obvious incident, that of the men in cars threatening Jews in St. John’s Wood, four men were arrested and bailed. What? Is that it? Sadly, the police appear to have had their hands tied by their political mistresses and masters. The police didn’t swoop on the men as they paraded around St. John’s Wood, hurling abusive invective from their cars. No. The police reviewed the videos uploaded onto Twitter and then, having made enquiries, sought out some of the men involved and arrested them on suspicion of racially-aggravated public order offences. Scarey-darey.

Then again, maybe we’re guilty of expecting too much of the Metropolitan police. At a pro-Palestine march in London, an on-duty policewoman was filmed hugging one of the pro-Palestine supporters and then joining in with the chants of “Free, free Palestine!”

The police are meant to be impartial. Having witnessed the video, I wonder how the Jews in London feel about calling the police.

Still, as we all know, there’s no anti-Semitism in the West. How could there be? They’re so much more advanced than us... at least that’s what they always yell at us.