That's no man, that's a flash in the pan!

Tallying the gulf between the CV and the man that is Momentum's top dog.


Ah, that most wonderful of documents, the CV. That document which only became truncated in the 70s had previously, for the whole of the 20th century, been stated in full – curriculum vitae. Latin for ‘course of life’, the CV is one of those things that people fear...what should you include, what should you omit? Do your prospective employers want to hear about your first swimming certificate, or is that too detailed? Should you avoid submitting a 3-line affair to circumvent the idea that you embody nothing other than glibness?

The CV is a veritable minefield as all of us who have ever sat down to produce one will testify. Whether in the distant past, as we scoured libraries for examples of what we should be aiming for, or in more modern times, as we scour the Internet for similar, if updated, modern-day versions of the same, there remains a constant, nagging thought:

‘Is it even possible to tell my worth on the basis of a few lines like these?!’

God knows. I suspect that we’ll never find an answer to that particular question. That said, let’s have a gander at one situation where we can’t help but be stunned by the chasm which exists between a man’s CV and all that he has singularly failed to achieve.

András Fekete-Győr, more commonly known by the epithet “Fegyőr” is a case where the CV promises far more than that which we observe before us. Fegyőr’s CV is akin to excitedly turning up for a lunch invitation at Gordon Ramsay’s house only to be presented with baked beans on toast. This is definitely not what we were led to believe was coming our way.

Fegyőr’s CV, as can be viewed on the Internet, provides information on where he stands regarding brevity in the matter of CVs. His is barely a few lines long. Whether this has hampered him is unclear. Certainly he’s the top dog of the Momentum political party, but that achievement, in itself, when viewed in the world of Hungarian politics, amounts to nothing more than a damp squib.

Before we start with the CV itself, we have to consider a distasteful fact. That fact relates to Fegyőr’s lineage. Similarly to a number of Leftwaffe politicians, Fegyőr received an indisputable boost by virtue of the fact that his grandfather was a functionary of the Hungarian communist party.

That amounts to nothing less than a substantial head start. Cast your eye over the Hungarian Leftwaffe and you’ll see the same pattern repeating over and over. The children and grandchildren of those who eagerly robbed their own and wasted the country’s resources (whilst living a lavish lifestyle denied to everyone else) in the name of international socialism, are now following in their footsteps. Desperate to carve a name for themselves in political life, and most decidedly desirous of a return to the days of yore when socialists robbed the country blind with impunity, the new generation learnt at their forebears’ knees and eschew any other possible career. Why work for a living if, with the return of socialist/liberal political forces, money can be just collected from the coffers in wheelbarrows?

Fegyőr is both the founder and president of Momentum, an anomalous name given that the political party he founded was set up to force the government to abandon plans to submit a bid to hold the Olympics in Budapest. Momentum tends to be seen as a positive quality, but such are the twisted minds of the Leftwaffe that even the name of a political party becomes a deceitful moniker.

Preying on the oft’-quoted, false idea that Olympics always result in a loss for the host (something that has long not been the case), Fegyőr rallied people’s fears, just as a communist would. Fegyőr played on people’s concerns and, once again copying from the communists’ handbook, pushed the idea that Hungary is not up to the job, recalling the socialist shameful battle-cry of ‘dare to be small!’.

Yet again, a communist peddling the same distasteful line that we are worth less than anyone else you might care to mention, Fegyőr, like the rest of the Leftwaffe, are determined to build on the incredibly solid foundations of diffidence that the communists laid in Hungarian society. Hungarian self-confidence had already taken a blow to the face with the peace accord dictated at Trianon, which reduced the territory of Hungary from 282,870 km2 to the 92,963km2 of today. Having suffered that staggering catastrophe at the start of the 20th century, Hungarians via the machinations of home-grown communists were then subjected to decades of confidence-sapping, harshly-taught lessons. And just when we might be forgiven for thinking that the time had finally come to leave diffidence behind and once more recognise the worth of the Hungarians, along comes the grandson of yet another corrupt commie, to sweep the legs of the nation from under us.

But there is hope. Even with an undeniable head start, Fegyőr has amounted to less than his CV promises. A scholarship to the faculty of Law at Heidelberg University? A degree in Law from the renowned ELTE university? Followed by an apprenticeship at a law firm which boasts a partner in the form of László Trócsányi, former Minister of Justice? As if that wasn’t enough, Fegyőr continued his path skyward with an internship at the International Court of Arbitration in Paris! Were that not more than necessary, he was then employed as a specialist by GE Working Capital Solutions back in Budapest. This was followed by another apprenticeship with the Committee on Legal Affairs in the European Parliament. Then came the fateful day when he decided to build on his grandfather’s legacy and screw with his own.

In 2016, he founded Momentum, a political party designed to stop any momentum which would benefit Hungary.

Fegyőr truly is a chip off the old block. No doubt, his grandfather would be overjoyed to see the communist line being continued through his own bloodline.

For the rest of us, the ones who didn’t ride the wave of bloodshed and torture all the way to the top, there is, however, hope.

Fegyőr, like so many of Leftwaffe chums is thankfully not the man his CV promises him to be. Cast your eye over that CV once more. A man with a CV like that should be running the show. And yet Fegyőr has been relegated to playing 3rd or 4th fiddle to others on the scene. Not that the first or second violinists are any better, you understand, but it’s a relief to see that the relative worth of baked beans on toast has been recognised by all.