Dinosaurs were lesbians. Look how that worked out.

The rise of a fashionable group in society could be leading to a 'meteor moment' for women who like women.


All right, all right, with all available evidence I have to admit that I can’t state with 100% certainty what sexual proclivities existed in dinosaur society. It’s possible that there were all manner of sexual tendencies to be found in the families and groupings of brontosauruses and triceratopses. Who can tell? Not me. Certainly, none of the reconstructed dinosaur skeletons I viewed as a child were posed in a manner which suggested anything akin to homosexual attraction. The way dinosaurs were posed in museums gave little, if any, indication of sexual preference. Then again, given that this was Britain in the 1970s, it’s quite possible that the prudish Brits deliberately went out of their way to maintain a veil of silence concerning the orgies, gay or otherwise, that dinosaurs revelled in. That said, as a child I wouldn’t have known either way what was going on, even if there had been spooning saltasaurus skeletons and the like on show.

But whether a case can be made for homosexuality and lesbianism amongst the dinosaurs, recent media discussions have pointed to a parallel developing between dinosaurs and lesbians. More specifically, there is a danger, it appears, of the category of ‘lesbian’ vanishing from society. Lesbians are, it appears, in imminent danger of becoming extinct.

A rather strange idea, to be sure. The rise of a seemingly unstoppably fashionable micro-section of modern society is apparently squeezing lesbians out of society. That micro-section is the transgender segment, a tiny yet aggressive minority whose voice and influence far outweigh their actual number.

This seems confusing until we recognise that the umbrella idea of the ever-increasing collection of letters used to identify non-heterosexuals (LGBTQ et al.) whilst continually expanding to include every last imaginable sub-group of every last possible sub-group to every last conceivable sub-group, is not a harmonious category.

This umbrella definition continues to develop ever more infantile labels to ensure the inclusion of the world and his wife in the club. Long ago the initialism of LGBT made sense, but with the surreal arrogance of every last non-heterosexual to define themselves as being different, if only by half a degree, to anything else the world has ever produced, has reduced the initialism to nonsensical levels, whilst expanding the letters involved to pitiable lengths. The all-consuming desire of certain people to identify themselves solely through their classification in the non-heterosexual world, desperately laying claim to a letter or symbol that they see as almost exclusively theirs, reveals far more than would be required and confirms that they are determined to view themselves and others through a sadly one-dimensional lens.

Ignoring for a moment the all-encompassing, childish demands whereupon worth is very much dependent on the ability to be recognised as even more different than all others who are different, the umbrella initialism is not a cohesive group.

Of late, due to wildly irresponsible new government policies regarding the financing of surgical mutilation for those born with psychological problems, we have seen a boom in the numbers of people redefining themselves as members of the opposite sex, undergoing hugely expensive (to the taxpayer) surgical operations which are, in effect, irreversible. This group has become one of the loudest and most belligerent pressure groups in the world today, employing armies of pugnacious social media pugilists, raring for a chance to attack those who decry the apparent God-given rights of this group to first define, and then remodel themselves as they see fit. Interestingly enough, the rejection of mainstream society doesn’t extend as far as rejecting the taxpayers’ money which provides them with a chance to set off on their irreversible journey.

And so to the lesbians. This group of women now find themselves being pushed out of those spaces which they traditionally claimed as their own. As a result of widespread, manic acceptance of those who identify themselves as transgender, women’s-only colleges, single-sex toilets, and changing rooms have been infiltrated by those who now state that having been born men, they are now women. The situation is now such that convicted rapists who choose to identify as women are being rehoused in women’s prisons. Battered women’s shelters are now unable to prevent men from demanding access to these traditionally safe areas reserved exclusively for women.

Colleges which used to be exclusively female are now allowing in biological men if they decide that they are women. Women, including lesbians, are being squeezed out of the spaces they used to consider their own. This is not only to do with bars where women can drink with exclusively other women, we are now entering the world of the surreal as we hear of girls at school being derided for stating that they are lesbian.

According to the ever-aggressive supporters of transgenderism, lesbians are merely masculine girls who have yet to admit that they should, in fact, be boys. By contrast, for those who want to be popular in school, ‘trans’ is seen as a high-status identity!

Women, including lesbians, are on the receiving end of the transgender machine. Although there are men who use the ‘incorrect’ pronoun and are shot down in flames on Twitter as a result, changes in language related to women directly target women as a sex. When ‘trans-inclusive’ language is used, pregnant women are referred to as ‘pregnant people’, mothers become ‘birth parents’ and women become ‘people who menstruate’. Ridiculous? Yes, but also deeply worrying. Now, obviously, lesbians are no more likely to disappear from the planet than any other social group. The comparison to dinosaurs is extreme and unjustifiable.

However, that’s not to say that women, along with lesbians are going to have an easy ride alongside the new kids on the block. As the liberal world seems determined to forcefully back the transgender community no matter how illogical the argument, throttling genuine debate on how society should deal with ‘Frankenstein’s monsters 2.0’, we can already see how certain ‘untouchables’ are now no longer protected by the rules and rights they fought for.

In 2019 Martina Navratilova,

Forrás: AFP

one of the world’s most famous female tennis players and coincidentally one of the world’s most famous lesbians, wrote in an article in the Sunday Times that the idea of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports was unfair. She was condemned as a transphobe and dropped by her sponsor. Her sponsor went as far as to bend over backwards to reassure the world of their trans/woke credentials:

“The trans community is under attack, ... we firmly stand opposed to any and all people who perpetrate attacks against them regardless of who they are or their accolades.”

Depressingly, the problem, rather than being treated with the common sense it so obviously requires, is being fed and fuelled by those with no common sense to speak of. The debate on whether men with or without hormonal and/or physical tailoring should be allowed to compete with women has not gone away and has now potentially claimed the scalp of a new victim.

That victim is an astounding one:

Caitlyn Jenner.

Forrás: AFP

Yes, Caitlyn Jenner, one time Bruce Jenner

Forrás: International Olympic Committee

now stands accused...get this...of being ‘anti-trans’. Trans activists, a category which reveals how far society has tolerated this microscopic, mini sub-group who selfishly demand that their surgical bills be footed by the general public, have now turned on what was a trans icon.

Forrás: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

Forrás: AFP

Where do we go from here?

Well, if common sense returns to her throne, then the financial bloodline to those who have decided that they’ve been born in the wrong skin, will be plugged, enabling us to have a reasoned conversation about certain practices which should be sent to follow the dinosaurs. Until that fails to happen, we can unfortunately expect others to follow suit. It can’t be long, surely, before someone decides that they were born with the wrong skin colour and starts to petition for taxpayers to ensure that they be restitched and refitted in a colour which matches what they perceive themselves to be.

Brave new world? Bring back the bloody dinosaurs.